Wolters Kluwer Launches Intelligent Search Engine for Tax and Accounting Professionals; Announces New Incentive for CCH User Community Participation

In an effort to help tax and accounting professionals find the answers they’re looking for more quickly, Wolters Kluwer recently implemented a new intelligent search engine on their Support site, Support.CCH.com. The new engine brings together content from multiple sources and improves overall relevancy between reference points. As a result, customers with questions will experience faster, more targeted answers.

Using the new intelligent search engine, only the most relevant content appears. The results include knowledge articles, help files, video content, and Community discussions all in one comprehensive search. Above all, the intelligent search engine utilizes machine learning to improve results based on what customers are searching for. As a result, the system streamlines the entire search process.

The more you search, the smarter the search engine gets

In fact, the more you search, the smarter the search engine gets. In addition, it now automatically suggests pertinent search topics as you enter the search term. These suggestions are based on what other customers have been searching. Think of it like a group conversation covering all types of questions. Customers can ask specific questions, like “How do I add a comment to the top of the first page on Form 1040 in CCH Axcess™”. Or they can learn about something as general as correctly reporting an employee’s use of an automobile.

If you haven’t tried finding answers on Support.CCH.com lately, now — as you continue the march through extension season — is great time to discover our new capabilities.

Take Advantage of New Customer Community Incentives

Earlier this year, Wolters Kluwer launched a new User Community Forum. The forum allows customers to effectively leverage the user base when asking questions and sharing knowledge about our many software products and services. Since then, the Community has proven itself to be beneficial to users of our software solutions by providing fast access to questions and answers, allowing firm productivity to increase as the Knowledge Base of answers grows.

participate for the chance to win

As part of a special limited time promotion, customers who participation in the Community will have a chance to win valuable prizes. Members earn community participation points by posting, commenting, liking, and sharing various posts within the community. Here’s how to particpiate:

  • Customers who participate in the User Community by answering five or more questions between Monday, September 17th and Friday, October 5th will be entered into a random drawing to win a FREE registration to CCH User Conference 2018 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach from October 21st to 24th. That’s a $1,895 value! Airfare and hotel costs are not included.
    • If the random winner has already registered for CCH User Conference 2018, they’ll receive a refund of their registration fee.
  • In addition, the customer who earns the most community participation points between Monday, September 17th and Monday, October 15th will win a choice of one of the following products from CCH CPELink.
    • A FREE full day webinar ($200 value)
    • 3 FREE 2 hour webinars ($225 value)
    • 20 Hours of Self-Study ($150 Value)
  • And finally, the customer who earns the most community participation points between Tuesday, October 16th and Monday, December 31st will win a copy of the U.S. Master Tax Guide.

To get started, visit Support.CCH.com, click on “Support” in the top navigation bar, followed by “Support Community”.


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