Improve Your Efficiency and Client Collaboration in 2018

In a competitive market place firms are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and client collaboration in their workflow process.  In the same fashion, Wolters Kluwer continues to evolve CCH ProSystem fx Engagement. We strive to add new and innovative ways to assist the auditor in reaching their goal of greater efficiency. In the 2018 release of Engagement, for example, we address one of the most time-consuming aspects of an auditor’s workflow. That step is the gathering of information on the prepared by client (PBC) list.

Improve efficiency and client collaboration – #1

Namely, Engagement Organizer is a new cloud-based feature for your client request lists. It provides an automated way to request, send, and receive documents from clients before beginning an engagement. The auditor and the client can attach a file of any type to a request list item. Additionally, Engagement Organizer allows for easier tracking of the documents received and outstanding. Furthermore, it provides notifications when:

  • Changes are made
  • Outstanding requests are approaching their due date

Engagement Organizer provides the auditor an efficient way to manage and collaborate electronically with their client right from within the Engagement application. This feature is available to firms that license both CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and CCH Axcess Portal. To learn more about the Engagement Organizer feature, review this short video.

Improve efficiency and client collaboration – #2

Another example of how the 2018 version of Engagement helps improve efficiency is this. Now, you can replace a placeholder or manual workpaper by dragging and dropping a file to the tab where the placeholder and/or manual workpaper resides. Do this in either the local file room copy of a binder or the central file room view of a binder. To see the process in action, check out this short video!

Improve efficiency and client collaboration – #3

Another key point is diagnostics. They are a powerful part of the CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach application. In the 2018 version, diagnostics are available in the trial balance (TB). Now preparers and reviewers have a more efficient workflow when analyzing the status of trial balances in the binder. Now, the auditor receives an icon-prompt when:

  • Re-consolidation needed
    • Displays when any subsidiary TB update affects the consolidated TB. The Diagnostic clears when the consolidated TB is re-consolidated.
  • Out of Balance
    • Displays when a “current period balance column” does not sum to zero. The Diagnostic clears when an update to the TB results in the balance column summing to zero.

To learn more about the trial balance diagnostics click here!

Improve efficiency and client collaboration – #4

Of course, auditors can lose time and efficiencies when dealing with application issues, such as add-in issues. To address this, the 2018 version includes a new App checker Utility that anyone in the firm can run. This new utility assists with diagnosing and addressing issues where Engagement pre-requisites are not set correctly on the system. It also repairs issues with third-party applications such as Excel®, Word, and Adobe®. Moreover, it also assists with diagnosing problems with ports and with services not running. For more information on the App Checker Utility, click here!

Improve efficiency and client collaboration – #5

Finally, other additional features in this release boost the firms overall efficiency too. Click the links to learn more about each.

In conclusion, do not wait to upgrade to the 2018 version of CCH ProSystem fx Engagement. Upgrade now! Your firm can then immediately take advantage of these innovative ways to improve your workflow and improve your client collaboration.

Keep reading. More enhancements are discussed in this blog, Improve Your Audit Quality and Efficiency in 2018 – Part 2.


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