Firm Culture and Human Resources: People Make the Difference

Staffing challenges can take many forms. For a lot of firms, finding new employees to grow the firm can be difficult. Others struggle to retain the staff they have. Even firms that don’t have trouble finding and retaining staff need to grapple with the pressures of seasonality, or developing future leaders. Although human resources in accounting firms is often under-utilized, this role can play a big part in shaping the culture of the firm.

In a recent webinar, Building Firm Culture, Shari Dodgen, Director of Strategic Relationships and Product Marketing for Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting US, Mid/Large Firms, spoke to Amanda Schneider, Employee Experience Officer at MiddletonRaines+Zapaata. They discussed the importance of a firm’s culture, not just for the firm’s staff but for its clients and overall firm profitability as well. Here are three benefits firms can expect when they make a concerted effort to build firm culture.

Improved staff satisfaction

Happy staff leads to happy clients. To create a culture with high levels of staff satisfaction, make sure your employees are engaged with their work, accountable for results, and aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Remove barriers like repetitive data entry, tedious administrative hassles and confusing multi-step processes. Automation can free up your staff to focus on more challenging and rewarding work.

Creating more consistent processes

There’s more to a firm’s culture than just its processes, but processes are a good indicator of the underlying culture. A firm with consistent, repeatable processes is more efficient because everyone is on the same page. Onboarding new staff is easier and clients are happier because they always know what to expect.

Long term stability

A firm’s future depends not just on vision, but on putting a plan into place to execute that vision. Firms should have a plan to identify future leaders and develop them to fulfill their potential. A culture that values the long term success of its employees will likewise see long term success for the firm.

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Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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