Attendees Know Best – The CCH User Conference Experience

Key Events Between Deadlines

August is upon us, and very soon we will be entering the cooler fall months. It’s during these upcoming months that while important deadlines remain, we might find extra time for wrapping up loose ends and finding some balance. While there is really no stop to the work that tax and accounting professionals do, there are certainly lulls in the action. In between important deadlines, industry pros get the chance to sharpen their knowledge via training events. They also take well needed opportunities to unplug and recharge via a relaxing get away. Seldom do events come along where you have the opportunity for both, unless that is, you’re talking about a CCH User Conference.

Sun, Fun, and the Knowledge You Need

This year’s CCH Connections: User Conference 2018 will have all of the traits that attendees have grown to love about this yearly trade-mark event.  Attendees appreciate the informal, and in many cases, off-record knowledge shared, and the first peeks at new technology that will change the industry. Did we also mention that the event is in what many consider a paradise on earth location…Miami Beach, FL?  If you wrap all of that up into one package you have an event that truly has it all in the form of meaningful knowledge and mind soothing relaxation.

Attendees Take on the Value of the CCH User Conference

Throughout the year I have opportunities to get interesting takes on the importance of the User Conference. They come from various sources. Wolters Kluwer solution consultants have their share of exciting stories to tell about how past conferences have transformed entire practices.  Other company representatives, whether they be product managers or marketing executives, have their input on key take away’s as well. But, as you might expect, the best feedback on these events, come straight from the actual client attendees themselves. Whether it be a learned implementation tip that saved weeks of work, or a new business approach that rattled a firm out of the doldrums of the status quo, they’re exciting to hear. Some recent feedback received from three regular attendees do a great job of bringing the User Conference message to light.

Testimonial A: Kevin Krueger, CPA

Kevin Krueger, CPA, Managing Director of Krueger & Associates in Tampa, FL is a 9+ year attendee.  He speaks to how the CCH Connections User Conference benefits him. “This event allows me to reunite with other users. We share ideas with each other….and there’s always “a-ha” moments at these conferences.”  More specifically he states, “I will immediately change over the next week probably 3 or 4 processes in the office, just as a result of this conference. The interaction among the users at this conference is priceless!”

Testimonial B: Griff Babb, Audit Partner

Griff Babb, Audit Partner at Whitley Penn in Fort Worth, Texas is a 10+ year attendee. One of his biggest take away’s that keep him coming back year after year is the great networking opportunities. He explains, “One of the best things about the conference is networking with other practitioners throughout the country and hearing how they use the products.” He continues, “There are different products that we haven’t used before, but other firms have; so hearing how they implemented those products, including their challenges and success stories, really help.”

Testimonial C: Barry Wechsler, CPA

Barry Wechsler, CPA, at Raich Ende Malter, in New York, New York does not miss CCH User Conference events. He details his experience, “Being an eight time attendee you start to recognize people that you’ve seen for the last few years, and you start to build close connections.” He reiterates the value of these User Conference inspired connections, “You can call up people. No one is looking to steal your clients, but…you know..we collaborate and work together.”

To Sum It Up

With so many great stories from past conferences, anticipation builds for new stories that will come at this year’s event.  These new and “yet to be told” stories will have their own unique and stirring conclusions.

Don’t miss the chance at catching your own unique business changing moment. Register today for the CCH Connections: User Conference 2018 while there’s still time.


Brandon Sims

All stories by: Brandon Sims