Time to Challenge Your Audit Staff

Are you giving your audit staff reason to grow professionally? If not, you should. Here is why you should challenge your audit staff.

Judging Experience

The world of public accounting challenges staff to become experts in areas where they may have little to no experience. That lack of experience could be due to working on a new client or the implementation of a new accounting standard. So, when is the best time to start to challenge your audit staff?

Set a Solid Foundation

The answer is, it’s time to challenge your audit staff once they prove they can plan and execute a solid audit strategy. That is when it is time to set a solid foundation. A foundation that will help them:

  • Tackle complex audit issues
  • Begin to sharpen their research, technical writing and presentation skills

Last year’s binder may be a great resource for some clients. However, your staff will also deal with accounting issues where they may not have any prior period experience. Step in Wolters Kluwer’s Learning and Development Academy – School of Audit. That is where Wolters Kluwer can help.

School of Audit

The Academy School of Audit’s Experienced Senior course teaches auditors how to research, and then successfully present, the findings and recommendations for a certain course of action. Additionally, the course teaches how to deal with Big Data – an item that is transforming how to conduct audits.

Auditing the “old school” way is out! Now is the time to learn how to incorporate a data extraction tool into your audit strategy. The Experienced Senior course teaches exactly that, leveraging the TeamMate Analytics solution.

Be Proactive

This 2-day, case-study-based program will prepare your staff in the following areas:

  • Understand expectations of an experienced senior.
  • Learn how to conduct accounting research using CCH Accounting Research Manager, and then write an effective technical memo.
  • Understand the basics of auditing areas considered more complex, including stock-based compensation, derivatives and fair value measurements and disclosures.
  • Understand and evaluate passed adjusting journal entries.
  • Develop professional presentation skills.
  • Learn how to gain efficiencies by using TeamMate Analytics – the data extraction tool included in Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach.

Prepare your staff to succeed! When the world of public accounting forces your staff to react to an ever-changing business environment you need to be proactive.

Courses Available in Your Area

So, is there a reason you would not want to be proactive? Probably not, right. Therefore, give your audit staff the best tools and resources guaranteed to ensure their success. There are courses for new hires and all the way through experienced seniors, discussed in this blog. Visit the School of Audit webpage to learn more. Once there, click on the “Regional Program Schedule” button to find the courses nearest you. Then get your audit staff registered today!


Brett Bell

Senior Accounting & Audit Consultant, CCH Learning & Development Academy School of Audit Lead

All stories by: Brett Bell