Kentucky Releases Interest and Tax Rate Table

A table released by the Kentucky Department of Revenue includes the following property tax and interest rates for tax year 2018:

– interest rate on tax underpayments – 6% (TAXDAY, 2017/11/30, S.7)

– state real property tax rate – 12.2¢ per $100 of assessed value

– tangible property (unspecified) rate – 45¢ per $100 of value

– Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform (4-R) property tax state rate – 22.11¢ per $100 of value (TAXDAY, 2018/07/11, S.4)

– weighted average state rate (includes state and local rates) – 63.95¢ per $100 of value

– 4-R local multiplier – 50% (TAXDAY, 2018/07/11, S.4)

The table also includes the above rates back to tax year 1983.

Interest & Tax Rate Table – 1983 Through 2018, Kentucky Department of Revenue, July 11, 2018, ¶203-196

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