What Makes a CCH User Conference Event a “Can’t Miss Event”?

An Event Built For Growing Businesses

There are few events that bring so many great opportunities together in one place than a CCH User Conference. Networking, innovation, best practices, as well as a full schedule of fun activities are all available at these cornerstone events.

Each attendee has their own reasons for attending, and they mirror the reasons just given. However, our valuable CCH solution consultants also get to attend on many occasion. What is it that they see as the magnetism that draws an attendee back year after year? To get to the bottom of this question, I took the opportunity to speak to one of our top research & learning solution consultants, Liz Chadwick, to get her take on what makes the CCH Connections: User Conference 2018 the place to be in October.

A Solution Consultant’s Perspective

Having myself spent a majority of time at Wolters Kluwer as a solution consultant, I’ve experienced the strong bond between consultant and client. Our industry is unlike any other, and our solutions are unlike any solutions.  The trans formative effect that our guidance and products provide are extremely powerful. In many cases, our solutions are the most important component in our client’s business.  Here in today’s blog, Liz provides some valuable Intel from her experience with her regular User Conference attendee clients.

What Sets Our Conference Apart From Others

From your experience, why do partners and corporate stakeholders choose the CCH Connections User Conference, over other conference options?  Answer: “I have client’s that are absolute cheerleaders for our company. While each business has a multitude of choices when it comes to annual industry conferences, many confess that the decision to attend our event boils down to the strong partnership that they have with our company. They value the fact that we don’t just sell them a product, but rather we partner with them to insure that they get the most out of our solutions long term.”

How Have Your Clients Benefited From Attending

Can you provide an example of how some of your clients have benefited from attending #CCHUC18?  Answer: “I’ve seen cases where clients have attended our POD sessions whereby they take away an implementation trick that saves them as much as a week’s worth of time. One of my clients in Atlanta said it’s just amazing what they learn at the conference, not only from the product managers, but from end users at other firms. This same client confessed to me that he would never miss a conference after witnessing the great training and tips they learn at our sessions. Very powerful stuff.”

Those Who Haven’t Attended #CCHUC18

What would you say to a Wolters Kluwer client, that has yet to attend a CCH Connections User Conference?  Answer: “Personally, I feel that if I don’t encourage my clients to attend a CCH Connections User Conference, I am doing them a disservice. Speaking to the client, I point out that they spend a generous amount of money on our solutions, so why would you not attend just one of our user conferences?  At these events you not only get better acquainted with our solutions, but you get to learn from the people behind those solutions?

Who should attend

In your opinion, who within a firm or corporation should attend the CCH Connections: User Conference 2018?  Answer: “I tell my clients that the CCH Connections User Conference is an investment in their business, just like any other valuable resource.  If you can’t bring everyone that you’d like, then I’d highly recommend bringing one staff member in each of the following roles; partner, firm administrator, IT specialist, and senior manager. What I’ve discovered, is that those that attend are able to go back to their respective businesses and make an immediate impact for the good of the overall firm. In other words, the investing business usually sees a quick ROI from those that attend.”

Final Takeaway

What is your final statement on the importance of someone attending this year’s user conference?  Answer: “I would just say that if you haven’t yet attended one of our user conference events, then you owe it to yourself to go at least one time. After all, there’s a reason why those that attend a CCH Connections User Conference one time, attend every year thereafter.”

Why not find out for yourself the value of attending?

For more information regarding sessions and activities, or to register for the CCH Connections: User Conference 2018 visit our registration web page.


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