Senior Auditors Benefit from School of Audit

The Road to Senior Auditor

Becoming a senior auditor can be a daunting undertaking. In the first two years on an audit team in a public accounting firm, the auditor is mostly maneuvering minefields. Year one, staff are challenged with learning how to audit, use new software, and find their place in the firm culture. In year two, expectations are to master everything exposed to in year one while also improving their understanding of the audit workflow. So becoming a senior presents even more challenges. Staff struggle with learning how to complete their own assignments while simultaneously grooming lower level staff along the way.

Ensure Senior Auditors are set for Success

However, there are steps the firm can take to ensure the success of those seeking to be a senior auditor. Because a promotion to senior in public accounting means the firm recognizes the hard work. The firm recognizes the dedication the auditor has put into their career and believes he/she has a bright future. Therefore, helping to ensure success is a win-win. So, as they start to have in-charge responsibilities and become a key contact with clients, set them up for success. The Academy School of Audit Senior course can help you do that. Upon completion, attendees will have the skills to contribute to running the planning process, fieldwork, and wrap up stage of each audit.

School of Audit Senior Course

The Academy School of Audit Senior course is a 2-day case study based program. It will prepare your staff in the following areas:

  • Keys to success for an engagement field leader, on-the-job trainer, mentor, task manager, and efficient & effective auditor
  • How to plan an audit, including assessing risk and designing substantive procedures in response to assessed risks, using CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach
  • Identify opportunities where data extraction using TeamMate Analytics and non-statistical sampling can shave time off a job without reducing risk
  • Effective reviewing and financial statement drafting techniques, including collaboration tools and advanced linking, utilizing CCH ProSystem fx Engagement
  • Review workpapers and financial statements as part of concluding the audit

Help Your Staff Shine

Let your staff shine in the pressure packed world of public accounting. Give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. Visit the School of Audit webpage to learn more. From there, you can also view the full list of role-based and specialty programs.


Brett Bell

Senior Accounting & Audit Consultant, CCH Learning & Development Academy School of Audit Lead

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