New Audit Workflow Integration

Two out of three top strengths of CCH ProSystem fx Engagement involve audit workflow integration. Not in any particular order, those three top strengths are:

  • Ease of use
  • Integrated program and checklists
  • And seamless integration with the CCH ProSystem fx Suite and CCH Axcess Tax

In addition, the solution now has two brand new integration points, which are Engagement Organizer and CCH Audit Accelerator. Combined, these two new audit workflow integrations exponentially enhance the client collaboration and service experience accounting firms can offer – making this workflow tool – that is also a workpaper and trial balance manager – better than ever!

Audit Workflow Integration #1 – Engagement Organizer

The first new audit integration point is Engagement Organizer. Let’s run through current processes so that we can fully appreciate the value of this one. Typically, firms historically spend hours working with a client to get needed documents required before the audit begins. In fact, it is commonplace when the auditor has to continuously request those documents, then organize them sporadically once received, and all while tracking everything else that is still needed from the client.

Engagement Organizer eliminates all of that pain. Actually, Engagement Organizer is a way for firms to differentiate their service with their client. Easily accessed directly from within CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, It is literally an automated client request list and is customizable for each client if needed. Client collaboration is immediately improved since all requests, notes and even due dates are logged within Engagement Organizer. Additionally, it also sends automatic reminders and notifications, keeping both the client and the auditor in sync in real time.

Catching On

While there are some other cloud-based request lists available, no other client request lists are integrated. Furthermore, the early release program is proving successful. Between the late-November 2017 release and early-April 2018, current counts are 197 CPA users and 811 organizers from 32 licensed firms. Actual usage statistics for the three month period from January 2 – April 2, 2018 include:

  • 9k CPA Firm user logins
  • 386 Client user logins
  • 383 Send organizer to client
  • 6k CPA requests to create or launch an organizer
  • 6k files uploaded
  • 638 download a single document
  • 45 download all documents in organizer
  • 10-15k total web requests  per day

Audit Workflow Integration #2 – CCH Audit Accelerator

Then, the second new audit workflow integration is CCH Audit Accelerator. Again, let’s start with current processes. Regarding this workflow, firms historically also have to wait on clients for needed data before either starting or finishing an audit, and the wait is oftentimes a long process. Additionally, client reports typically come in all kinds of different formats that make working and reviewing that reporting harder than it should be. Moreover, when firms receive data it is typically in all kinds of different formats too.

CCH Audit Accelerator eliminates those pains. This cloud-based solution provides the auditor the ability to connect directly with the client’s accounting package. This connection is a one-time and one-way secure connection, and provides all the detailed historical data needed for an audit. In fact, as of February 2018, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement pulls the data in already consistently formatted and with reports automatically generated and ready for review.

Next Steps

In conclusion, several useful materials will increase your knowledge about these two new integration points. There are no benefits in waiting. Start improving your audit workflow today!

Regarding Engagement Organizer

Regarding CCH Audit Accelerator:

Embrace your firm’s future today by transforming your auditing process with the help of Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach. It is an award winning combination of solutions, including CCH Audit Accelerator, TeamMate Analytics, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach and Accounting Research Manager.


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