A website strategy that creates business value

Marketing websites have become the bare minimum expectation for those looking for tax and accounting services. So it’s easy to treat your own website as a “set it and forget it” solution. On the other hand, investing in your website is a process that will pay dividends if done correctly. When your website has a purpose and strategy, it can provide business value that more than makes up for its expense. Here are a few ways your website strategy can create business value.

Connecting you and your clients 

Continually updating your website with helpful news and events keeps your business in the forefront your site visitors’ minds. Not only does your content actually help your clients, it also positions you as an authority in your field. It encourages those who visit your site to look to you for expertise.

Your site content connects you to your to your clients. But the tools on your site also bring you closer to your clientele. Leveraging secure file sharing utilities like File Share and Portal makes everyone’s job easier. As it draws people to your site, it diminishes the distance between you and your clients making your relationship easier to manage.

Telling your story

Your website gives your business a unique opportunity to share with the world what makes your business unique. Your firm profile doesn’t have to be boring. It can showcase your broad appeal and niche specialties that highlights the value proposition that brings clients to your doorstep. This is especially helpful for new clients, for example. Choosing a new tax and accounting service provider may be a daunting task for those just starting out on their financial journey. Your website can help de-mystify what your firm can provide to these people.

Aiding lead generation

Tools like eNewsletters can transform your website from a glorified Yellow Pages ad to a lead generation engine. By proactively reaching out to your site visitors and managing client relationships, your marketing website can cease being a receptacle for firm information and content (as helpful as that may be) and start acting as a hub around which you and your clients interact.

Shifting the paradigm from static information to a dynamic relationship manager is a powerful new way of thinking about your website. Fortunately, by using CCH Site Builder, the hard work is done for you. Contact a solution consultant if you have any questions about how to take full advantage of the tools that come with a Site Builder subscription. Or start a CCH Site Builder test drive today.



Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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