Continuing Education That Ensures Success

Continue on the path to success through exceptional continuing education. Find it at Wolters Kluwer’s School of Audit. We have previously blogged about the Academy New Hire course. That is the first step, and where your staff builds a solid foundation. The next step is developing your staff for the next phase of their career.

Year One Struggles

Year one in public accounting is overwhelming for most people. Typically, just when someone starts to feel comfortable new waves of employees are hired. That tends to require staff to take on new and challenging roles within the firm. So, be proactive. Do not let your staff sink with the added weight of new responsibilities. Instead, provide them with the guidance they are craving to be successful in public accounting.

In the Academy Experienced Staff course, attendees build confidence by learning how to correctly take initiative and ask questions. While the first year in public accounting focuses mainly on understanding how to perform substantive audit procedures on lower risk audit areas, rarely does year one provide an opportunity for staff to understand the overall audit process.

Experienced Staff Continuing Education

Thanks to the Experienced Staff program, though, attendees leave with an incredible amount of insight. The 2-day course is a case study based program, and all attendees leave well prepared in the following areas:

  • Expectations of a developing staff, including taking initiative and asking questions
  • Case study work around increased risk audit areas, such as accounts receivable, inventory, and debt
  • How to obtain and document your understanding and evaluating of the client’s business and internal controls
  • Refined auditor skills through analytics, and specifically ratios analytics
  • Introduction to TeamMate Analytics, a data extraction tool designed to increase your audit efficiency and streamline your sampling and testing procedures
  • Training on advanced CCH ProSystem fx Engagement functionality, including advanced linking for ratios and classifications, and working with consolidated trial balances

Proactive steps to help your audit staff continue their path to success are smart. Build on a solid foundation by sending your staff to the CCH Academy School of courses. Follow the New Hire Training course with the Experienced Staff program. It will be worth it because an investment in your staff is an investment in your firm.

Visit the School of Audit webpage to learn more. From there, you can also view the full list of role-based and specialty programs.


Brett Bell

Senior Accounting & Audit Consultant, CCH Learning & Development Academy School of Audit Lead

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