Are User Conferences’ Worth The Investment?

“You Just Had To Be There”

You’ve probably met someone in your recent past who through conversation attempted to convey the experience of a memorable event. Perhaps it was a walk-away grand slam on opening day, at Yankee Stadium. Maybe it was viewing a pod of Orcas up close, off of Prince William Sound. Events like these are often difficult to translate in words alone, given that they were experienced by all your senses. In an exacerbated conclusion, most of these conversations usually wrap up with the statement, “I can’t do the event justice. You just had to be there, to get the full effect!”

Self Improvement on Many Levels

Though not as spine-tingling as a NASA rocket launch, user conferences can leave a more lasting impression on your business or firm. Not only are you able to get tips and education on the latest trends and insights, but opportunities abound to glean great info from fellow professionals. Granted, perhaps some of the most mission-critical info is shared among attendees during off record conversations between sessions. These less formal sessions ideally occur over coffee, dinner, or an adult beverage. For many, it’s these plain-spoken engagements that often have the greatest impact on changes made back at home.

Beautiful Locations Don’t Hurt Either

When deciding on attending a user conference, it really helps if the location is desirable on many fronts. Locations that are both visually appealing with a comfortable climate are always high on everyone’s list. Couple a pleasant environment with plenty of fun activities to make the entire event more enjoyable. The old saying that “all work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl” has some truth. Setting aside some leisure time after a jam-packed break out session on building your 21st century accounting firm or corporate tax department, can help ideas marinate in your mind. Whether your down time is spent relaxing by the pool after a deep tissue massage or decompressing on the golf links, it’s your choice.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Last but not least, making user conference events into staff events can create stronger bonds between you and your employees. The great benefit of this is that you and your staff members usually will take different “wow” moments away from the conference. What may not impact you may impact your senior tax manager to the extent that she/he helps you implement business changing policies adopted from the event. Often these conference-inspired changes can easily produce a multiplied ROI, compared to the cost of the event itself. And let’s not forget the fact that user conference events can equally serve as team building events. Pulling staff out of the routine office setting and into a low-pressure, relaxed environment, allows opportunities for staff to communicate ideas for the betterment of the team.

The Human Element Is Paramount.

In conclusion, the uniqueness of attending a user conference is the human element that you experience. No matter how earth-moving our technology advancements become, at the end of the day the human element is the most important factor. So don’t sell user conferences short. Experience these unique events for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Brandon Sims

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