Maine Expands Sales Tax on Room Rentals

Room remarketers and transient rental platform operators must register to collect Maine sales tax on room rentals.

Sales Price for Renting Living Quarters

Recent Maine sales tax legislation amends the definition of “sales price” to include consideration and service charges received for renting living quarters by:

  • a room remarketer;
  • an operator of a transient rental platform; or
  • a person on behalf of one of those.

What is a Room Remarketer?

A “room remarketer” is a person who reserves or collects consideration for renting living quarters by agreement with the owner or manager.

What is a Transient Rental Platform?

A “transient rental platform” is an electronic or Internet system that allows an owner or occupant to:

  • rent living quarters; and
  • arrange for payment of rent.

L.D. 1805 (S.P. 676), Laws 2018, effective 90 days after adjournment of legislative session

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