Accountant By Day-Goalie By Night

Chicago Accountant Makes Good.

My home town of Atlanta has not had a great run when it comes to hanging on to NHL franchises.  Unfortunately, the Atlanta Flames, Knights (minor league), and then Thrashers all met with an early demise in our fair city. However, there is a ferocious appetite for the brass knuckles sport within enclaves of the ATL and across the entire country.  The @NHLBlackhawks are a notable favorite of many, including myself and many across the country.  So it was with great interest that I read a story passed on by my Wolters Kluwer friends, @BrianSiet @JackGallagher  and @KrikelloUS It was the sensational story of Scott Foster, an accountant and back up goalie for the Blackhawks.

Why The Interest?

One of the great angles on this story, were the superhero like analogies that exist with it. In much of the same vein as the “Mild mannered reporter by day, and superhero by night”, that we’ve all heard of from the Superman franchise; Scott Foster is an accountant by day and was the “shut-down” goalie of the Blackhawks on the evening of Thurdsay, March 29th, against the playoff bound Winnipeg Jets.  Yes, this accountant did not fit the typical stereotype of what people imagine an accountant to be.  But perhaps he should.  Let me explain why.

Accountants Block Countless Risks For Their Clients Each Day.

It is very ironic and fitting that the flawless job that we witnessed Scott perform, in the Blackhawks victory over the Jets, is a job that countless tax professionals and accountants do each day for their clients. Blocking seven shots on goal by the Jets is incredibly impressive, but equally impressive are the blocks on risk that your local tax and accounting professionals execute for clients regularly.  Yes losing a game is never fun, and can be emotionally crushing, but losing against the IRS can be a threat to your livelihood and business. Case in summary: Tax and accounting pros make saves for their clients, when the stakes are highest.

Tax and Accounting Professionals Are Champions In Their Own Right.

So in closing, it was fun to read such a feel good story.  Also, the Blackhawks will no doubt add more followers to their team, as people watch the Scott Foster story continue to play out.  We are going to be following you too Scott!  But I also want to put a final shout out to our tax and accounting brethren who are doing a hero’s job out in their respective fields of work. The work you and your departments do everyday, make life better for all of us. As Scott Foster had the back of his teammates, as an effective backup goalie, we know that you have the backs of your clients.

We’re On Your Team.

We at Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting are right there beside you in this journey.  Our integrated tax, accounting, and audit solutions cover the gamut in ensuring that you can do your work with confidence, speed, and accuracy.  Part of our role in making your job more productive is constantly striving to build out cutting edge tax and accounting technology, that pushes the envelope of innovation.  To learn more about our future ready tax and accounting solutions, feel free to download our most popular white papers:  The Future of Tax and The Future of Audit or our recent eBooks Audit Analytics Technology: Can Your Business Afford to Ignore These Tools? and The Power of Portals.


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