The Benefits of Mobile Time Entry

Most of us are never without our cell phones. So it makes sense that we should use them as extensions of our digital workspaces. One of the best use cases for mobile productivity is time entry. Making mobile time entry part of your firm’s billing process can reduce friction in an otherwise unpopular task. Here are a just a few ways that mobile time entry can help improve your time entry workflow.

Quick and easy transactions

Most mobile time entry apps are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. Many desktop or web applications may offer more functionality than their mobile counterparts. However, added complexity may reduce your desktop efficiency. The best mobile apps, on the other hand, do just a few things, but do them well. By reducing friction and focusing on the task at hand, mobile time entry can be an effortless process that doesn’t get in the way of your overall productivity.

Powerful integrations

Just because mobile time entry is a simple process, doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful. The best apps sync with the cloud or your own network databases to form an integrated solution. While away from your desk, you can still be productive by using smaller screens for smaller tasks. But when you return to your desk, picking up where you left off is a powerful and rewarding combo.

Insightful reporting

The best mobile time entry apps are also great at providing valuable and timely information. Whether it’s your weekly time overview, unreleased entries, or client information, mobile apps excel at providing useful information when you need it most. You don’t have to be in the office to measure and evaluate past work. Sometimes, important tasks can be done with a hot cup of coffee at the end of the day.

Convenient accessibility

Relying on your multi-monitor office setup to accomplish more involved work makes complete sense, but when you’re waiting for your kid’s soccer practice finish, you can still use your digital companion to be productive. Without fail, when time entry must be done in the office, at some point you will forget to update your tasks on your most important project until you make it home for the night. Instead of relying on VPN or taking a trip back into the office, taking a minute to enter your time on your mobile device can be a huge life saver.

Wolters Kluwer provides mobile time entry apps that integrate with your existing CCH ProSystem fx and CCH Axcess solutions. Learn more about how our firm management solutions can help you save time and be more efficient. 


Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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