Five benefits of social media for your business

Talk about social media has consumed the globe for the last ten years. There are fewer and fewer of us who don’t use it to keep in touch with family and friends. The benefits of social media are obvious for those who use it personally. But what about for promoting the work that fills a third of our time (or more during tax season)?

Successful small business owners are learning that social media offers the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to marketing and advertising. If your business hasn’t jumped on the social media bandwagon, here are a few benefits of social media to consider.

A built-in audience

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer businesses so many opportunities because they come pre-packaged with millions of users. The giant footprint of these social networks means your work doesn’t have to involve finding an audience, but rather curating the audience that is most likely to respond to your messaging.


Your marketing website can do many things a social media profile cannot, but a unique advantage to social media is its ability to promote relationships between its users. Direct messaging on Twitter or Facebook allows business owners the rare ability to form relationships with people who haven’t even set foot in your door.

SEO boosts

When you promote your Site Builder website on social media, the incoming page views boosts your Google search ranking and makes it more likely that someone in your vicinity will find you when they are searching for tax and accounting professionals. The higher you are on the Google ranking, the better chance you have of attracting new clientele.


When cultural and political events trend on social media, you have an opportunity to share your keen insight into the news of the day. For instance, during the recent GOP tax overhaul, millions of Twitter users were more than happy to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the bill, but how many of them have the professional insight and poise that can be offered by an established member of the tax and accounting world?

Market research

Social media users can be quick to share positive or negative reports when something notable happens in their world. Keep your proverbial ear to the ground on social media. This can give you understanding into opportunities and threats are waiting just below the surface. What seems like a big deal now may have started as minor rumbling on social media a short time ago.

Promote your social media presence on your website

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Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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