Tech Tools That Can Lower Your Stress This Season

Tech Tools Can Help With Your “In Queue” Tax Clients

You knew the day was coming, and now it has officially begun in earnest.  Tax offices have begun their engagement processes with 1040 clients, and other deadlines loom in front of you.  Truthfully though, for the multi-disciplined tax and accounting office, the season never really ends or starts (for that matter).  It is ongoing. But while your packed office lobby is an exciting picture, this picture can bring on normal anxieties. “What challenges await me, in those binders they hold?”, you may ask.  True.  Challenges will emerge, either created by the client or the IRS, and quite possibly, your inefficient work processes.  The good news is that you can positively affect each of these variables with extra time.  Time made possible by some great tech tools.

“We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.”- Vince Lombardi

Time.  It’s a huge difference maker in how an event plays out, especially in the business that we’re in. Having more time can give you the ability to iron out a client’s problematic return.  More time can give you the opportunity to make (no pun intended) a “timely” response to an IRS inquiry.  And more time can allow you to give proper attention to your staff’s needs and questions….creating smoother work processes.  So if time is such a huge difference maker in our happiness, why not implement tools in your business that can give back time to handle these oncoming challenges?

What Tools Can I Implement Today To Give Me Time In Return?

You might think it difficult to implement time-saving tools now that business is picking up.  That’s not the case.  Even today, there are easily implemented technologies that you can seize upon that can make a meaningful difference right away.

Here are just a few tools that can help:

  1.  Secure document exchange portals– This type of solution can streamline engagements so that documents are received on time, and you are better prepared for an appointment.
  2.  Online electronic organizers– A valuable tool in condensing initial interview appointments with most any type of client.
  3.  E-signature technology– Clients love this tool, in that they can sign a return from anywhere, using a mobile device. Your invoicing will move quicker too.

Start The Journey Toward Greater Efficiency

While these suggestions are but a few “quick wins” that you can implement this season, they’re just the tip of the iceburg. Time is an asset that is arguably more valuable than money.  It’s an asset that you have a finite supply of.  Consider how using today’s technology can help you reclaim more time, so you can invest it the most effective way possible.

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