The sky is the limit – Cloud technology in accounting firms

Jody Padar’s New Vision CPA Group was an early adopter of cloud technology, and as more firms move to the cloud, Jody has watched the technology evolve. Last summer, during AICPA ENGAGE, Jody interviewed John Barnes, Vice President of Product Management at Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting about CCH Axcess and the future of cloud technology. Their conversation spanned several topics, including the past, present and future of the cloud.

Why the cloud?

Why should firms move to the cloud? According to Barnes, firms should have a clear idea of why they are moving to the cloud. “It’s not simply about moving to the cloud,” he says. “It’s also about changing the way (firms) do business. And cloud technology gives them more ways to add efficiencies to their organizations and also get access to data in different ways.”

The future of the cloud

As the cloud has attracted more users, its potential has grown. The future of the cloud is so much more than simply providing remote work opportunities. According to Barnes, “The cloud is really just a vehicle to allow firms to do more. One of the biggest things that I think firms are going to see from the cloud is that it gives them access to data. And that data is where we’re going to start to see some of that progression when we start thinking about things like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. The cloud allows us to start taking advantage of that data, whether it’s data just for that firm or data accumulated across firms to start to build better processes and progress towards what firms want to do with more value added services.”

Getting where you want to go

Lastly, moving to the cloud takes time. Some firms make the move all at once, but many  more move incrementally. Success depends on having a solid plan. “Before you make the move,” Barnes says, “understand why you’re doing it. Then start working towards an actual strategy and plan. And also making sure that you communicate why you’re doing it and what that plan is throughout your organization.”

Listen to the full interview below. Then  download Jody Padar’s whitepaper about the future of cloud technology in accounting firms, “The New Firm Transformation: Technology, Growth and the Future.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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