Best Practices Facilitate Positive Change

Best practices come from a variety of sources, and are about a variety of topics. When followed, best practices help facilitate positive change.

When it comes to software implementation best practices, Kreischer Miller has advice to share. Adhere to it and you, too, could say the same thing their Accounting and Audit Manager, Steve Carr, says. Steve says, “Automating saves us more time every year down the line.”

Software Implementation Best Practices

In this case study, Kreischer Miller provides seven software implementation best practices. Here is a glimpse of a few.

  1. Identify the pain points in your organization by asking what is not working, and how you can fix it.
  2. Train your champions early on the software, and have them start running real engagements. They will gain deeper knowledge that way. They will also be more helpful when it comes to implementing the solution firm wide.
  3. Even after implementation, always look for ways to improve and make your processes better.

Software implementation best practices might seem like an odd blog topic for January, what with tax season gearing up. However, if you think about it a bit more, there is actually not a wrong time to implement a new software solution – if it will make you more efficient and productive. The solutions that make up Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach are good examples.

Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach seamlessly unites CCH Audit Accelerator, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, CCH TeamMate Analytics, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach, and Accounting Research Manager. Kreischer Miller sought to provide early insight into their clients’ financial health so they can plan-ahead and be ready to respond to fast-evolving opportunities and challenges. They accomplished that with the help of the Engagement and Knowledge Coach solutions – and they additionally got the added benefit of producing the highest quality audits possible.

This firm saw an opportunity to better serve their audit clients by developing a more cohesive auditing process that would further increase their efficiencies. Follow this firm’s lead if you would like similar results for yours. Take the time to learn from their experience when it comes to software implementation best practices.

Are you ready to learn some best practices that will surely help your firm’s audit workflow? It will take only a few minutes to read their case study. Make time to read it today; Kreischer Miller Delivers a Higher Quality Audit with Engagement and Knowledge Coach.


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