Corporate Tax Workflow Solutions: New Enhancements Realized

New Enhancements Help Customers Grow, Manage and Protect Their Businesses!

Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting’s Corporate Workflow Solutions has now included a series of enhancements to help companies get back to what matters most; grow, manage and protect their businesses efficiently.  In both CCH Axcess™, the profession’s first cloud-based, modular Tax Management solution suite operating from a single, core database, and CCH® ProSystem fx®, its on-premise solution. Both award-winning solutions support the entire Corporate Tax Workflow process.

“Wolters Kluwer is enhancing CCH Axcess Tax and CCH ProSystem fx Tax with new features, capabilities, integration points and technologies to help companies deliver first-class service to their business’ internal stakeholders and external stakeholders or their clients” said Jason R. Marx, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting, North America. “Whether it’s creating new efficiencies, increasing workplace and remote productivity, or helping increase our customers’ profitability, we’re committed to providing our customers with innovative technologies.”

CCH ProSystem fx Tax and CCH Axcess Tax

The recent CCH Axcess Tax and CCH ProSystem fx Tax updates are designed to navigate complex regulations. But they also support effective management, and accelerate company growth. Starting with the December 2017 releases, both solutions will offer:


  • Allows users to mark diagnostics as ‘signed-off’. Users can see All, Signed-off, or Open diagnostics, speeding up the review process. Users can also un-sign off a diagnostic.

1040 Federal

  • First Extensions – Users can now check a box to have us automatically create extensions for all taxing authorities in the return. This is a huge time saver!
  • IRS & State Security Requirements (CCH Axcess Only)
    • New Multi Factor Authentication – Though not required this year, companies will be able to opt in at the company level. If they opt in, user logins will require an additional piece of information to authenticate the user.
    • Usability enhancements to the CAPTCHA requirement – will be much easier to read and will include audio.

For CCH ProSystem fx Tax and Global fx Tax, some additional highlights include:


  • Users can now print PDF attachments on the print dialog, whether the return is selected for e-file or not.
  • In the return and in Production Processing, users can preview and print selected/multi-selected K-1 packages (to separate PDFs).
  • User can now hit ‘All’ and multi-select to the Print Estimates print package.

QuickBooks import

  • 1040 Import from QuickBooks
  • New for tax year 2017, users will be able to import 1040 data from QuickBooks. This import will be provided through the G/L Direct feature.

Open Integration Platform (For Axcess Only)

The Open Integration Platform allows customers and vendors alike to seamlessly integrate their applications and custom solutions with Wolters Kluwer’s cloud platform. New APIs allow companies to access reject report details, the history report, and validation error details. In addition, the new Data Axcess APIs allow for more direct access to information in the CCH Axcess Practice and Workstream databases. We are also continuing to add new OIP partners, in addition to building our own integrations.

CCH Axcess® Workflow Enhancers


CCH Axcess® Portal

The new 2-step verification feature in CCH Axcess Portal helps companies protect client information. This type of system relies on verification of two or more factors (for example, a password and a mobile device) in order to log in to a portal. The 2-Step Verification feature is currently available for customers using the standalone version of CCH Axcess Portal. For customers using CCH Axcess Portal integrated with CCH Axcess Document or CCH ProSystem fx Document, 2-step verification is available now.

CCH Axcess® Workstream

When a regulatory due date changes, projects must reflect that change. CCH Axcess Workstream has always made it easy to update projects. But integration with the CCH IntelliConnect® Tax Calendar now makes these updates even faster. CCH Axcess Workstream’s library of approximately 2,500 forms will update within two business days of an update to the tax calendar. This change positions CCH Axcess Workstream for deeper integration in the future with CCH IntelliConnect’s database of over 10,000 forms.

CCH Axcess® Document

A new CCH Axcess Document integration with CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax and Global fx lets users easily attach PDF files from Document to their company’s or clients’ tax returns. Users simply click and attach. The Document window displays a list of PDFs for their company or client.

CCH® Fixed Assets Manager

  • Optional state books for managing the 50 states and the District of Columbia, bonus conformity or decoupling, Section 179 Investment and Deduction limitations with additional added flexibility to comply with state regulations.
  • An API toolkit to allow ERP integration.

To see how it can all come together, read our recent case study.

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