DC Enacts Exemptions for BID Corporations

The District of Columbia has exempted from most taxes, on an emergency basis, Business Improvement District (BID) corporations. Employment and withholding taxes are not included in the exemptions.

The tax exemptions are on real and personal property, income, and transactions, and include:

  • income
  • sales and use
  • franchise
  • transfer
  • excise
  • gross sales or receipts
  • personal or real property

Exemptions for other taxes also may be available.

A “BID corporation” is a nonprofit corporation that is:

  • organized in the District as a nonprofit corporation; and
  • registered as a business improvement district.

Act 22-0182 (D.C.B. 22-0564), Laws 2017, effective November 22, 2017, for a 90-day period that expires February 20, 2018

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