Three Ways to Create a Better Client Experience Next Tax Season

Tax and accounting may come down to numbers, but people ultimately shape your business. Clarity, trust, and speed are essential to developing a loyal clientele. But sometimes, outdated workflows and technologies weaken these relationships.

How does your business define a strong client relationship? Where do you want to improve? The following three tips can help you create a better client experience next tax season.

Aim for Simplicity and Transparency when Communicating with Clients

No two clients are alike, but the style in which you correspond with all of them should be the same: clear and concise. Convoluted communication can not only make a negative impression, it can also affect the outcome of the work you perform for your clients.

Standardizing communications not only streamlines processes, it also sets the tone for how everyone in your office communicates with clients. Creating a database of templates allows you and your staff to personalize client correspondence while maintaining a clear and consistent voice and style.

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Make Document Management Easier for Everyone

Even the simplest individual tax return has several receipts and forms attached to it. The number of these documents balloons for more complex individual and business returns. Adopting a document management system lets you gain control of these materials, not vice versa.

Creating a database is an important first step. Instead of having to search through various files and locations—anywhere from file cabinets to hard drives—you can to quickly retrieve a client’s complete file in as little as a single query.

But that’s just the beginning. Adopting document management features—such as version control and check in/check out visibility—adds a new layer of convenience and protection. Similarly, document portals offer a more secure way to share documents with your clients, while also giving them the ability to access this information wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them.

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Leverage Mobility to Enhance Convenience

Cloud-based technologies such as databases and portals can help you remove barriers to conveniently accessing and sharing information. They can also let you redefine your office.

With devices like smartphones and tablets now as ubiquitous as the personal computer, mobile-friendly solutions can keep you that much closer to your clients. Having the ability to communicate and share documents from the palm of one’s hand not only bypasses a trip to the office, it also means your clients don’t need be in front of a computer. And during the height of tax season, there’s nothing more valuable than time.

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Caroline O'Reilly

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