New York Petroleum Business Tax Rates Increased

New York petroleum business tax rates will increase, effective January 1, 2018. A Department of Taxation and Finance publication lists the both new rates and the aggregate tax rates for previous years.

Motor Fuel Rates

The New York rate increases for motor fuels are:

  • motor fuel and aviation gasoline—from 16.2¢ per gallon to 16.9¢ per gallon;
  • retail sales of aviation gasoline and kero-jet fuel—from 6.5¢ to 6.8¢ per gallon;
  • highway diesel motor fuel—from 14.45¢ per gallon to 15.15¢ per gallon; and
  • highway B20—from 11.56¢ per gallon to 12.12¢ per gallon.

Non-Highway Diesel Motor Fuel Rates

In addition, New York increased the rates for non-highway diesel motor fuel:

  • commercial gallonage—from 8.9¢ per gallon to 9.3¢ per gallon;
  • B20 (commercial gallonage)—from 7.1¢ to 7.4¢ per gallon;
  • nonresidential heating—from 4.8¢ to 5.0¢ per gallon;
  • B20 (nonresidential heating)—from 3.8¢ to 4.0¢ per gallon;
  • railroad diesel—from 8.4¢ to 8.8¢ per gallon;
  • B20 (railroad diesel)—from 6.7¢ to 7.0¢ per gallon;
  • electric corporation without a direct pay permit—from 15.4¢ to 16.1¢ per gallon; and
  • commercial vessels (sales to commercial vessels)—from 15.4¢ to 16.1¢ per gallon.

Residual Petroleum Product Rates

Finally, New York increased the tax rates on residual petroleum products:

  • commercial gallonage—from 6.8¢ to 7.1¢ per gallon;
  • nonresidential heating—from 3.7¢ to 3.8¢ per gallon; and
  • electric corporation without a direct pay permit—from 13.3¢ to 13.9¢ per gallon.

Publication 908, New York Department of Taxation and Finance, January 2018

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