Florida Governor to Propose Tax Cuts

Governor Rick Scott will propose $180 million in tax cuts for individuals as part of his 2018-2019 recommended budget.

Florida Proposed Tax Cuts

The tax cut package includes:

  • A 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday;
  • Three one-week disaster preparedness sales tax holidays which would take place in May, June and July;
  • Reducing the fee for a renewal of a regular driver’s license from $48 to $20;
  • Reducing the fee on an original regular driver’s license from $48 to $27;
  • Reducing the fee on an original commercial driver’s license from $75 to $67; and
  • Reinstating the 18 percent reduction of eligible traffic citation fines, which was repealed in 2009, for individuals who attend a basic driver improvement school.

Florida Proposed Constitutional Amendment

In August, Governor Scott also announced that he will propose an amendment to Florida’s Constitution to make it harder for politicians to raise taxes by requiring a supermajority vote by future Florida legislatures to raise any taxes or fees.

News Release, November 6, 2017

Florida’s sales tax rate on real property rentals decreases on January 1, 2018.

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