Lodging Marketplaces Must Collect Wisconsin Tax

Lodging marketplaces that provide a platform for short-term rentals must register with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for a license to collect sales and use taxes. This applies to taxes imposed by the state on short-term rentals and also to local room taxes.

In addition to applying for the license, a lodging marketplace doing business in Wisconsin has to:

  • register for a seller’s permit;
  • contact each Wisconsin municipality where it makes short-term rentals to see if additional registration is required;
  • collect state sales and use taxes from the occupant and forward them to the department;
  • collect local room taxes from the occupant and forward them to the municipality; and
  • notify the short-term rental owner that the taxes have been collected and forwarded.

The department’s notice is available at https://www.revenue.wi.gov/Pages/TaxPro/news-home.aspx.

News for Tax Professionals, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, November 3, 2017

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