Project Management Best Practices

When it’s crunch time, the minor inconveniences you’re used to ignoring can add up to major headaches. Before tax season, make sure your firm has standardized processes in place and optimized to work as efficiently as possible. Your workflow software can be a real time saver, if you’re using it correctly. If you’re not taking advantage of all of its features, though, you might be missing out. Here are a few project management best practices to consider before tax season.

Evaluate Your Notifications

Notifications help staff stay on top of their projects. With the right notifications set up, staff will know what to work on, managers will know if projects are falling behind, and projects will stay on track. Periodically evaluate your notifications to make sure they are serving their purpose. You can configure notifications at either the template or project level. The video below shows how to configure a Roll Forward notification.

Configure Roll Forwards

Depending on your workflow, you can set up your projects to roll forward automatically, or roll them forward manually. If you are currently manually rolling forward your projects, consider enabling automatic roll forward to save time. When you enable this option, a project rolls forward either when you mark the project complete or when you roll forward a linked CCH Axcess Tax return. The project will need to be approved by a Roll Forward Reviewer before the new project will be created. Watch the video below for more information about automatic roll forward.

Create Custom Views

The key to productivity is seeing the exact information you need, in the exact format you want to see it. That’s why CCH Axcess Workstream includes the ability to customize views in almost limitless configurations. While the default views are a good starting point, custom views can provide a personalized look at your projects. Customizing your views isn’t complicated, so take a few minutes to consider the best way to view your projects. The below video shows you how to create a custom view.

Refresher Training

The best way to ensure you’re following project management best practices is to attend refresher training. The Wolters Kluwer Professional and Client Services team is available for hourly consulting engagements to help your firm solve any concerns.

As you prepare for tax season, it’s vital that your firm performance is at its peak. Contact our Professional and Client Services team to make sure you’re prepared.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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