CCH Axcess Open Integration partners open up about their integrations

The CCH Axcess Open Integration Platform (OIP) generated a lot of interest when Wolters Kluwer announced it five years ago. Since then, many firms have used OIP to build efficiency in their firms. As the program has grown, several new Open Integration partners have linked their third-party solutions to CCH Axcess.

At CCH Connections 2017, some of these Open Integration partners participated in a short backstage talk to discuss the program. They discussed the platform, their products, and what they’ve learned in the field from firms who are implementing these solutions. Here’s what they said:

Business intelligence on your desktop

“We created a product called Data Prism. By focusing Data Prism down, we were able to make this a very non-technical solution… It’s like loading Word. Once we put it on there, it will connect to the Data Axcess API, and we’ll be able to pull data from the API and land it in their environment. They can then use Power BI Pro or Tableau or whatever they want to do in terms of BI tools, and be able to get more information and intelligence about their business.” – Chuck Burke, The Normandy Group

Easy e-payments for better cash flow

“The integration allows people using the CCH products to enable their customers to pay invoices seamlessly, without having to leave the product and enter any other logins or passwords. It enables them to stop looking for their checkbook. And for the CPAs it really helps them decrease the time to get paid and hopefully increase cash flow.” – Amanda Huyck, CPACharge

Simple scheduling with less data entry

“We’ve been able to provide our customers not only the ability to do scheduling in a very simple way since they don’t have to re-enter client information, projects, things of this nature… It’s much easier now do that. All that information flows through seamlessly. Actual information flows back at night through Data Axcess…” – Bill Cornfield, WSG Systems Corp. Empire Suite

Financing payment plans cut receivables

“A lot of the time, multiple invoices are outstanding, often over 90 days. The average CPA firm’s receivables is 50% above all other owner-operated businesses in the United States. So the ability to offer them an integrated financing payment plan option straight out of Axcess makes it easier for the client to pay the firm and cuts their receivables significantly.” – Bruce Coombes, QuickFee

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Learn more about the Open Integration Platform, including how to become an Open Integration partner. The perfect strategy to give firms a competitive advantage.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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