CCH User Conference 2017: Day 3 Wrap Up

Breakouts Continue & General Session Impresses

Well, it’s hard to believe that another great CCH Connections: User Conference is in the books. As with previous conferences, the learning sessions were powerful, and the networking opportunities plentiful. All in all, the flagship customer-centric Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting event was a success. This event, in true character of its predecessor events, had its own top-of-mind topics.  Here is a summary of some of the great highlights of Day 3.

Are You Too Busy For Process Improvements?

In the busy day to day operation of a tax and accounting practice, there can be a reluctance to embrace change that can make vital improvements to the overall business. This reluctance to assess and implement needed tech changes can put your business at a significant disadvantage over time; particularly in relation to your competition, and hiring/retaining talented employees. The point was made time and again by speakers and attendees (through social media) that resistance to positive process changes can hold you back. Part of realizing the need to change is being able to honestly look at your past, present, and future ways of doing business.

Utilizing Tech Advancements Creates Opportunities and Dollars

Paul Loftus, vice president of sales and revenue retention for Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America, made the point clearly that technology alone cannot move your practice forward on the profitability scale. “Technology on its own is just technology. Technology PLUS process improvement = profitability,” proclaimed Loftus at the closing session.

Attendees understood, as many do, that using technology correctly, frees up time to focus on other work and services for clients. The net result… happier clients and a fatter wallet.

Artificial Intelligence- It’s Not On the Way, It’s Here

Day 3 of the #CCHUC17 also had it’s fair share of talk on the current automation and artificial intelligence strides occuring in the world of tax and accounting. Contrary to the dystopian image of AI in television series like Westworld, this new entrant into our business environment paints a dramatically more attractive picture. While AI does pose some challenges to administrative work that tax and accounting pros still do, the benefits that this technology brings far outweigh the negatives. At this year’s User Conference, exciting announcements were made to our award winning audit tools,  CCH® Audit Accelerator and TeamMate® Analytics. These tools, when implemented, take productivity in audits to a whole new level!

Investing in Technology + High Value Employees = Winning

To cap off an already exemplary conference, noted author and speaker, Charles Duhigg drove home the valuable points of what it takes to grow a thriving business. His inspiring talk, tied two vital components together, when seeking to build a successful “future ready” firm:

-Implementing the latest technology for process improvements.

-Fostering a nurturing environment for employees.

He suggested that fostering critical thinking employees, and anticipating business challenges, rather than reacting to them, are key to moving in the right direction.  The tax and accounting profession is not for the faint of heart.

In conclusion, the event was a success on many fronts. Whether you learned a better business process or technique to bring back to your office; or if you forged some valuable networking ties to bounce creative ideas off of, we were happy to provide a forum to do so.  As you go back to your practice, please keep the creative juices flowing, and take advantage of topping off the conference, by downloading our new whitepaper on “Integrated Cloud Solutions Help Firms Overcome Industry Challenges and Achieve Growth Objectives”.  Until our next conference… have a healthy and prosperous year!


Brandon Sims

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