5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

There are many reasons to move to the cloud and very few reasons not to. That’s why more than half of all CPA firms have implemented cloud-based solutions. However, the other half of firms are still struggling with on-premise technology, complicated servers and time-consuming software updates. If your firm is still stuck with its feet firmly on the ground, consider these 5 reasons to move to the cloud.

Trust Data Security Experts

Years ago, firms worried that information in the cloud was less secure than data stored on their own servers. But as data security becomes more complicated, firms are realizing that they don’t have the resources to keep their own data safe. In fact, professional data centers offer much better security than the average firm can implement on their own.

“In today’s business environment, security is a huge issue, and storing our data on CCH Axcess servers is far more secure than it could ever be on our own servers. That not only allows us to protect our clients’ data, but it also helps us in terms of avoiding potential liability and legal issues.” – Alyce Notaro, Tronconi Segarra & Associates

Minimize Maintenance Tasks

An ill-timed software update can halt a firm’s operations for hours. In many cases, these updates simply don’t get applied, leaving staff with out-of-date software. Fortunately,  cloud-based software updates can be downloaded and installed automatically. There’s no reason to shut down everyone in the firm at once. Instead, each update takes just a few minutes, with very minimal interaction from the end user.

“When we don’t have the distraction of downtime and have real-time updates as opposed to having to get everyone out of the system to do updates, all of those things contribute to a more efficient process.” – Wesley Middleton, MiddletonRaines + Zapata

Reduce Hardware Costs

Servers and the experts who maintain them cost your firm money. Moving data to the cloud reduces the need for expensive servers in the office. In addition to saving on the cost of hardware, you might even open up some additional office space where your server used to be.

“The transition to the cloud was really a no brainer for us. We could have more flexibility. We would save time in computer maintenance and reduce our infrastructure.” – Nancy Ekrem, Dewar Meeks + Ekrem

Enable Remote Work

Staffing continues to be a challenge for many firms, and your competitors are offering flexible work opportunities. Being able to work remotely in the evenings or on weekends can make long hours more tolerable. And even if you don’t want to offer remote work on a regular basis, cloud-based software provides a good contingency plan for when family emergencies and natural disasters strike.

“Being able to work from anywhere at any time is extremely valuable when you’re trying to attract talent. If we can have people working from where ever they want, then we can really grow our practice, and our expertise as well.” – Jeremy Allen, Randy Jentzsch & Associates

Build Efficiency through Integration

A cloud-based system like CCH Axcess is built on a common database, so you have a single source of truth for your client data. Your other applications can access client data stored in the cloud via APIs. The result is not just convenience, but efficiency.

“Things that had taken me an hour took two minutes in the cloud. That fundamentally changed the way I would run my firm. Fast forward nine years, and we’re a cloud-driven firm, working in real time with clients all over the world.” – Jody Padar, New Vision CPA Group

Take the next step

Future-ready firms will use cloud-based technology to stay efficient and competitive. For more reasons to move to the cloud, downloadThe New Firm Transformation: Technology, Growth and the Future.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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