Going Mobile Is Now Second Nature

Clear your mind, and imagine the proverbial blank canvas. What picture do you create when you hear the phrase “the typical tax and accounting office”?

The New Essentials

For many of us, some obvious features immediately spring to mind—a desk, a computer, and perhaps a file cabinet or two. But take a closer look at the desk. Or better yet, take a look at what might you be holding to read this post. A mobile device like a smartphone or tablet is just as essential.

It’s a massive understatement that mobile devices have transformed the workplace. We can connect to colleagues and customers—regardless if they’re across town or on the other side of the world—in an instant. And as these devices grow ever more powerful and more affordable, it’s a sound bet that they’ll occupy the technological focus for the typical office.

Redefining the Typical Tax and Accounting Office

Consider this statistic: back in 1993, a mere six percent of people in the United States used a mobile phone. Fast-forward to 2016, and this figure had skyrocketed to 95 percent. Even more telling: nearly 80 percent of the mobile-going crowd were using smartphones and tablets.

Simply put, this transformation has redefined the very concept of the typical office. Work that previously kept you tied to your desk — such as email, spreadsheets and reports— is now accessible wherever you have an internet connection. In short, your tax and accounting office exists not only as a physical space. It most likely now exists wherever you have access to the information you need to work successfully with clients and colleagues.

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Caroline O'Reilly

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