Remote work could save your firm this tax season

A recent case study featuring Oregon CPA firm Randy Jentzsch & Company highlights how moving to cloud-based systems can help firms overcome staffing challenges. By offering remote work options, this firm was able to keep valuable employees. It also could better compete with larger firms for dynamic younger staff.

Retain existing staff by offering remote work

The firm’s 1040 expert moved out of state, but that didn’t stop her from continuing to work for the firm. According to Tax Manager Jeremy Allen, keeping her onboard was one of the primary drivers of moving to the cloud.

“We really valued [Christine] as an employee, and her overall work product was really good. We were able to keep her employed as well as continue with her growth and education with our firm,”

In addition, they were able to re-hire an employee that had previously moved out of state. And another staff member who was planning to spend several months away on vacation could continue to work a few days a week over the summer.

Growing the firm

New graduates have a lot of options. So it can be hard to compete with large firms for the best staff. But Randy Jentzsch & Co has been able to use remote work capabilities to differentiate the firm from its competition.

“Being able to work from anywhere at any time is extremely valuable when you’re trying to attract talent. If we can have people working from where ever they want, then we can really grow our practice, and our expertise as well.”

Offering remote work has been so effective at attracting new staff that the firm is considering opening an office closer to the local college, 30 miles away.

Learn more about how Randy Jentzsch & Co. used the cloud to its advantage. Download the case study: Randy Jentzsch & Company Solves its Staffing Challenges and Gets Ready to Grow with CCH Axcess.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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