Streamline Business Engagements: Productivity for Any Size Firm

When it comes to preparing business tax returns, besides the tax preparation software, there is not a more essential tool for Juravel & Company, LLC, than CCH ProSystem fx Engagement. Engagement is appropriate for CPA firms of all sizes; from a one-person shop all the way to the Big 4. Here are some of the ways that using Engagement helps us improve efficiency and accuracy of business engagements.

Organize your business engagement workpapers

Engagement uses a folder-subfolder index layout. This makes organizing your workpapers for your business engagements incredibly simple and customizable to suit your firm’s preferences. Importing PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and more into the index is as simple as drag and drop. The tool lets you create and organize your folders and subfolders however you like to see your workpapers laid out. Then all of your business engagement support is in one place in an easy to view and manipulate format.

Drill down to the information you want to see

Engagement makes reviewing a return easy with the ability to add workpaper reference links to your trial balance, adjusting journal entry and tax grouping reports. For example, a reviewer might go down the Tax Groupings report account by account. And when the reviewer sees the cash grouping there could be a workpaper reference link that when clicked, opens up the PDF of the bank statement and reconciliation so they can easily verify the balance. You can also add workpaper references to your journal entries so it’s easy to see the reasoning. There are several other features such as adding review notes, tick marks, and signing off that really streamlines business engagements from preparation, review, to filing.

Link the trial balance to the tax return

The reports in Engagement use Microsoft Excel so the learning curve is minimal. The reports are completely customizable. Perhaps the best feature of all is the ability to link the Engagement trial balance with CCH ProSystem fx Tax. Once linked, any changes you make to the trial balance will automatically update the tax return.  I have known colleagues that moved from a firm using Engagement to one that did not. And they were quite disappointed because they lose this amazing feature. There are several useful features that improve efficiency such as the ability to import a trial balance or chart of accounts directly from QuickBooks into the Engagement trial balance.

For all of these reasons and more Engagement has been an essential tool for our firm.

Find out how CCH ProSystem fx Engagement helps Juravel & Company streamline their business engagements. Download the case study. How does a small company like Juravel & Company, LLC Successfully Compete with Larger Accounting Firms?