The Ultimate Support Group for Firm Management Challenges

Accounting firms all across the country are struggling with some of the most challenging issues our industry has ever been faced with. It sometimes feels impossible to conquer obstacles. It can seem like you and your firm are stuck on an island alone, cut off from the outside world. Your firm, like many others, may be faced with firm management challenges like succession planning, talent shortages, and leveraging technology that seems like it is always working against you.

At your firm, like most across the country, you are aware of these challenges but are either unsure where to start, or you keep putting the issues off. Maybe others at the firm don’t see a need for change. Or you don’t have the support to make the change happen. No matter the reason, the results are the same. Nothing changes, and the problems continue to grow.

One thing is absolutely clear. We cannot continue to wait to make changes, no matter the excuses.  Consider a phrase that studies have shown is the most costly and harmful phrase any company can utter. “We always did it that way.” Firms all across the country are running into the dangerous territory of being too slow to follow the major shifts happening right in front of us. Our resistance to change is constantly getting the better of us. And firms are feeling the pain as a result. Kodak, Xerox, Blockbuster and many other companies suffer from this same failure to change. And they put it off far too long.

Stop letting your firm be another sad tale. We always feel like we have more time and we can wait to figure things out. Spoiler alert: we don’t have more time. You don’t have more time. Your firm does not have more time. The reason so many firms across the country are struggling at historical levels is that they keep thinking they have more time.

Help is right around the corner

The CCH Connections User Conference is the must-attend event every year. You and your people need to attend to realize that you are not alone in your efforts to make a change at your firm. Gather the strength you need to make positive, lasting change through the support of your peers, industry experts, and the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting staff.  Let this amazing group provide you with the final push you need to make a change at your firm!

For me, CCH Connections is always my favorite conference to attend each and every year. I know I will learn the tools needed to help the firm grow and expand. But more importantly, I will receive the support and encouragement from a remarkable group of people who always provide that extra encouragement to make change and advancement. You aren’t in this alone. At CCH Connections this year, you’ll get the support you need to finally address these challenges.

Focus on Innovation

One of the reasons I’m so excited about this year’s CCH Connections user conference is that the team has ramped up the innovation like never before. This year, they will offer a brand new learning track where you can get TEK’d!  New in 2017, CCH Connections will have a special learning track session focused on passion and innovation at your firm to help you grow and evolve with talks centered around fueling your emerging leaders, firm management and technology.

If you’ve been coming to CCH Connections year after year, you may feel like you have hit a learning plateau. To deepen the impact the conference has at your firm, sign up for the TEK Talks this year. These new sessions will provide that extra passion you need to create change at your firm.

Want to learn more about the power of TEK Talks?  Check out this video where I provide some insight into these dynamic TEK Talks.

Fuel Your Emerging Leaders

Looking for another session that will really help your firm to better engage your top talent? You need to check out the discussion pod, “Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Leaders.” I’m extremely honored to be leading this session. In these challenging times, we need to remember our greatest asset is and always will be our people. And we need to fuel them at every turn we take so they can provide outstanding service to our clients.

These are just two of the 195+ sessions, 70+ speakers, and 1,000+ colleagues looking to help you make that change.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today for CCH Connections: User Conference 2017 to bring your firm and your own career to the next level with the support, encouragement, and passion of your peers. Get that extra push you need to make lasting change to grow, manage, and protect your business!


Garrett Wagner

As a business therapist at Thaney & Associates and CEO of C3 Evolution Group, Garrett Wagner CPA/CITP escorts firm leadership through succession planning, the technology evolution, and millennial talent development. Through his monitoring and use of evolving technologies and industry best practices, he brings “outside of the box” thinking, refined procedures, and awareness of traditional methods, with an eye on the future. Garrett’s succession planning process is a success factor on the road to reaching your lifetime professional goals of growth and profitability. His background leads partners to develop a plan, in a time when firm retirements are at a historic rate. Through his personal experience with technology, Garrett delivers ROI to firms. He will escort you through the identification of unique needs, choices in the digital market today, and best practices to maximize its use within the firm, removing the struggle to keep up while realizing its rewards and benefits. Also, talent needs to be developed from the moment of firm connection. Garrett’s leadership training curriculum focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence skills. He will work with the senior team to groom their understanding of millennial CPAs, keys to motivating these teammates and proven methods to actively engage them within the firm, halting near-term brain drain. Through succession planning, technology and millennial talent development, increases will be realized in work efficiency, work quality, and employee satisfaction, while training tomorrow’s leaders, as today’s leaders move on in their life’s journey.

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