Tax Outsourcing Offers Firms a Different Option for Extension Season

As many firms are struggling to get through the extension season, they’re considering all their options. Tax outsourcing can help firms during extension season as well as the upcoming tax season. Fortunately, CCH ProSystem fx Tax customers can turn to CCH ProSystem fx Outsource. Outsource is a dynamic service that can help firms address staffing challenges. Firms can meet the impending extension deadline via highly trained onshore and offshore tax professionals.

October 15th is a Non-Negotiable Deadline

Let’s face it, October 15th is right around the corner. It’s a deadline that you cannot negotiate with the IRS. Those Individual returns have to be in, and clients are looking for answers. And of course they are also looking for an accurate, completed return that will address their varying levels of complexities. There’s no wiggle room or room for error.

That’s where tax outsourcing comes in.

Integration is the Key to How It Works

You see, CCH ProSystem fx Outsource integrates completely with CCH ProSystem fx Tax, which streamlines outsourced tax preparation and accounting. Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply scan your “shoebox” of source documents and/or organizers into electronic files.
  2. These scanned documents, along with your current and prior year tax return data, are then compressed and transmitted to the Outsource Center. Rest assured, your data is always kept private and confidential.
  3. Upon completion, the tax return, bookmarked workpapers, reviewer/preparer notes and reconciliation statements are compressed, encrypted and relayed back to your office from the Outsource Center.

At the end of the process, you have a prepared return ready for final review!

Take Advantage of a Special Extension Season Promotion

Through Friday, September 15th, 2017, CCH ProSystem fx Tax customers can enjoy the benefits of both our domestic and off-shore outsourcing services by taking advantage of one of these special promotions:

  • Process 25 returns by October 16th and we’ll give you a credit of 5% of the total fees. (Maximum credit amount $1,000.)
  • Process 50 returns by October 16th and we’ll give you a credit of 10% of the total fees. (Maximum credit amount $2,000.)

In addition, if you continue using CCH ProSystem fx Outsource in 2018, we’ll lock you into current year pricing on the renewal. All you need to do is sign by November 30, 2017.

Let CCH ProSystem fx Outsource provide you with the reliability and flexibility you need to take care of business during extension season.  Click here to learn more about CCH ProSystem fx Outsource. Or call 1-800-739-9998, option 1 followed by option 2 to learn more about this special, limited time offer and discuss what option is right for your firm.


Jack Gallagher

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