The Changing Pace of Audit Quality

Requirements for audit quality are changing at an extraordinarily fast rate! Surveys like the recent Forbes/KPMG Audit 2025 back up this observation. The survey says, in part, that two trends have intersected – technology and client expectations. As a result of that intersection, firms need future-ready audit software now. It is no longer enough to focus solely on compliance and financial reporting. Your audit solution needs to provide you with audit quality surpassed by none and simultaneously help you meet client expectations. The technology that does both is CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach.

Customer Quotes about Audit Quality

For evidence that Knowledge Coach provides the highest audit quality possible, listen to customers.

  • “We use Knowledge Coach so that everything stays in compliance, and nothing is missed in the audit process. It’s a benefit largely from a legal standpoint for us because it reduces risk and helps us provide a higher quality audit.” -Brian Gottschalk, CPA and tax partner at GellerRagans
  • “Knowledge Coach makes the auditor and reviewer think through each issue and it literally forces me to be much more involved throughout the auditing process. Knowledge Coach streamlines the entire process, identifies any holes and makes it more efficient and thorough, providing the quality assurance our clients expect.” -Kevin Krueger, Founder, Krueger & Associates
  • “Quality is our number one priority. Knowledge Coach helps us deliver a quality product, and the diagnostic tools help us ensure that we have fully addressed every assertion and have not missed anything. The fact that it is completely integrated with other CCH solutions means that we can better maintain consistency and quality throughout our processes.” -Natalie Millhuff-Stang, principal and founder of Millhuff-Stang

Become Future-Ready with the Integrated Audit Approach

In addition, Knowledge Coach is only one component of Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach – an approach that will change your entire perspective on audits. As a result of adopting the full approach, you will successfully tackle other points brought out in the Forbes/KPMG survey. These points suggest that auditors should:

  • Look at bigger samples
  • Use more sophisticated technology for data gathering and analysis
  • Help identify risk
  • Present a forward-looking view of data
  • Provide greater transparency

So, how does the Integrated Audit Approach work? An end-to-end workflow, the Integrated Audit Approach combines CCH Audit Accelerator, TeamMate Analytics, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach, and CCH Accounting Research Manager offering the most efficient audit workflow available. It is therefore the perfect picture of technology intersecting with client expectations!

So, let me ask you this. Why would you not want to continue to improve your audit quality? Take a few more minutes and learn more.


Wendy Cable

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