Academy School of Audit- Hit the Ground Running

No in house audit training plan for your employees? No in house software training for your employees? Attracting and retaining top talent by providing training and development for your employees?

If these questions describe your firm, then the CCH Academy School of Audit is your solution. The Academy’s four role based programs will prepare your staff to hit the ground running. While your staff progresses from new hires to experienced seniors, the program follows the real life workflow of an auditor.

Unlike other audit training programs, the Academy School of Audit combines technical audit knowledge in addition to hands-on computer training. Of course, teaching your staff how to audit is important. However, you could be teaching them how to audit and also teaching them to use the firm’s software tools at the same time. The Academy’s case study based approach uses CCH ProSystem fx Engagment, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach as well as data extraction tools to navigate through the typical responsibilities at each experience level.

Takeaways for every level

The key takeaways from each course include:

  • New Hire. The new hire course is designed to teach the audit basics common to first-year staff. This course includes professional expectations, understanding the engagement process, field work best practices, industry terminology, as well as documentation and software skills.
  • Experienced Staff. This course covers more advanced and complex material, including such topics as accounts receivable, inventory and debt. Staff will learn how to refine their skills as an auditor by utilizing analytics. This course also looks at more complex ways to use data extraction tools.
  • Senior. This course is designed for seniors with in-charge responsibilities. Our in-depth topics include keys to success for the roles of engagement field leader, on-the-job trainer, mentor, task manager, and efficient and effective auditor.
  • Experienced Senior. Designed for seniors who already have in-charge responsibilities. The purpose of this course is to prepare your staff for researching, understanding, documenting and developing techniques to present the results of your accounting research for some of the most complex audit areas.

The Academy School of Audit will instill confidence in your staff and separate your firm from the competition as a result of challenging and preparing your staff for the world of public accounting. For more information click here.


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