Document and Engagement: Powerful Tools Working Together

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement has a lot of very useful document management features. However, it is not a substitute for a full-featured DMS like CCH Axcess Document. There are many reasons that an Engagement user would want additional document management capabilities. In fact, Document and Engagement work very well together.

The first step to using these two powerful tools together is to link your client information between them. Engagement users can export a list of clients from Engagement’s central file room. Then, using the “Batch Link Clients” utility in the CCH Axcess dashboard, follow the instructions to complete the linking process.

Using Document and Engagement Together

The Situation. While working on an engagement, you want to store the final workpapers in CCH Axcess Document so that they are easier to find in the future.

The Solution. Document’s full text search, class/subclass organization and retention rules make it an ideal place to store finalized engagement files. From Engagement, just right-click on the workpapers you want to send and select Send To > CCH Axcess Document. After that, the Add Files wizard will walk you through the rest of the process.

The Situation. You’ve been collecting a client’s files in CCH Axcess Document, and you are now ready to add them to the Engagement binder.

The Solution. While your clients may supply documentation throughout the year, you might not actually utilize the files until you are ready to roll forward the binder. Once you’re ready to add the files to Engagement, right-click on the files in Document Central and select Send To. From there, select Engagement > Copy or Engagement > Move, depending on whether you want to keep a copy of the document in Document. If it’s a file you want to be able to easily access outside the context of the Engagement, select “copy” to keep a copy of the file in Document.

Improving Collaboration with Portal

When integrated with CCH Axcess Document, Portal’s collaboration features are seamlessly integrated into your workflows. However, even if you don’t need Document’s additional search, retention and organizational functionality, you can offer your clients improved organization and collaboration with the standalone version of CCH Axcess Portal.

The Situation: You want to securely send an Engagement workpaper to a client for review.

The Solution: Once you’ve exported your client list from Engagement and linked it to Portal, sending a file is simple. Simply select File > Sent To > CCH Axcess Portal and select “Original file format,” “Published file” or “PDF file.” Keep in mind that original file format workpapers will not display calculated values, so if you’re sending trial balance reports or trial balance links, consider sending a published file instead. The published file converts formulas to static text. If you want to send multiple workpapers at one time, you can send them as a single PDF file.

The Situation: Your client has used their portal to send you documentation for an engagement.

The Solution: Portal is a great way for clients to send in source documents and other engagement documentation. While you’re logged in to Portal, find the files you want to add, right-click, and select Send to Engagement. Select “Move” or “Copy” depending on whether you want to keep a copy of the file in the portal. The Insert Workpaper Wizard will walk you through adding the file.

To learn more about the benefits of using Document and Engagement together, register for a demonstration of CCH Axcess Document and Portal.


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