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Cloud software provides a number of benefits to firms in terms of mobility, maintenance and security. However, firms that are used to directly accessing the data within their databases find that security features can sometimes prevent them from getting the data they want in the way they want it. Unlike a database that resides on a server in your office, a database located in the cloud is not likely to be open and available for queries. Therefore, to overcome these limitations, two new options provide CCH Axcess customers with access to the data they need.

CCH Axcess Data Axcess APIs

CCH Axcess Data Axcess is a series of APIs that enable you to programmatically retrieve data within Axcess. The data comes primarily from CCH Axcess Workstream, but also includes Practice and common data. Once you retrieve data using the API, you can do a variety of things with the data, including but not limited to:

  • Create custom reports. Create reports that can’t be created in the custom report writer.
  • Integrate with 3rd party report writers. Push the data directly into report writers to create custom reports.
  • Integrate with 3rd party Business Intelligence platforms. Push the data directly into BI platforms to create reports and KPIs.
  • Send data to Excel. Send the data to spreadsheets through .CSV file format.

CCH Axcess Data Axcess Utility

The Data Axcess Utility is simply a program that upon installation (and user authentication) calls all of the data available through the Data Axcess APIs, downloads it, and extracts it into a local SQL instance. As a result, you can run specific queries, connect the SQL DB to various tools, like report writers and business intelligence platforms…or anything else you want to connect the data to. Benefits of the utility include:

  • Removes dependency of a software developer – although some minor technical skills will go a long way (SQL querying in particular).
  • Automated data retrieval – Retrieve data upon installation and schedule jobs to run automatically.
  • Local SQL instance – Having the data in local SQL instance greatly increases the options available for consumption of the data.
  • Utility updates – As we release new APIs, we will update the utility accordingly.

For more information about the CCH Axcess Data Axcess Utility, contact your solution consultant. In addition, assistance implementing Data Axcess is available through the Professional and Client Services team. Learn more.


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