Virginia Addresses Corporate Income Tax Return Extensions

The Virginia Department of Taxation has issued a tax bulletin explaining the impact of recent federal legislation and administrative action by the IRS on the Virginia corporate income tax filing extension.

According to the department, for tax year 2016 returns and thereafter, the federal extended due date for all C corporations is the fifteenth day of the tenth month after year end (October 15 for calendar year filers). As a result of the recent federal changes and the Virginia Tax Commissioner’s authority to grant an extension pursuant to Sec. 58.1-105(A), Va. Code, beginning with tax year 2016 corporate income tax returns, Virginia will grant up to a seven-month filing extension to C corporations (the fifteenth day of the eleventh month after year-end or November 15 for calendar year filers). Virginia’s original return due date for corporate income tax returns is unchanged and remain due by the fifteenth day of the fourth month after year-end (April 15 for calendar year filers).

Additionally, both Virginia’s original and extended due dates are unchanged for any corporation to which Sec. 58.1-401(5), Va. Code, applies.

Tax Bulletin 17-9, Virginia Department of Taxation, July 28, 2017, ¶206-376

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