Four eye-opening stats about getting and keeping clients

Competition for clients has never been stronger. Firms that want to survive into the future need to find better strategies for keeping clients happy. In a recent survey conducted by The Aberdeen Group, accountants and their clients reported their thoughts on the client/accountant relationship. Here are some of the eye-opening facts the survey revealed about getting and keeping clients.

The Basics

41% of clients think increasingly regulatory complexity is the most important factor impacting the relationship with their accountant. However, only 22% of firms thought this was an important factor.

What it means. You might not worry about regulatory complexity because you know you’re a professional with the right expertise. But your clients need peace of mine. Make sure you are communicating with clients and explaining how your firm is helping them.


Only 47% of accountants surveyed believe their firm has enough staff to meet client needs.

What it means. In order to meet client needs, firms need to improve efficiency to get more work done with the staff they have. Technology can help firms provide the service their clients expect.


More than a quarter of clients who switched firms did so because of difficulty transitioning relationships with employees leave the firm.

What it means. Not only does this figure underscore the importance of retaining key employees, but it also points to the importance of data management. Firms need to implement technology that will help them get a complete view of the client relationship so if a staff member does leave, the remaining employees will be able to serve the client effectively.

Perceived Value

Clients using 4 or more services from a firm are 26% more likely to be somewhat or extremely satisfied.

What it means. The more varied your service offerings, the more likely your clients are to find value in your work. Integrated software enables firms to offer services that keep clients engaged.

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