Cultivating your online brand

Do you give much thought about how your website might enhance (or detract) from your brand? A business’ brand can be a valuable component to any marketing strategy – especially online. When incorporated into a holistic marketing strategy, a consistent and vital online brand image leads to a stronger brand equity, which adds perceived value to your services. This is true for any business, regardless of size. Every business has a brand which will consist of things like:

  • The image, identity, and voice that your business presents to the marketplace. This includes your logo, website, taglines, and promotional materials.
  • Your niche offerings and services. The industries and clientele you serve can be used to present your business as either conventional or forward-thinking.
  • Intangible aspects of your business that results in a competitive advantage – for instance, the emotional attachment your clients have with your business, or your position in the community.

All of these facets work together with your website to form a brand image; and this brand is constantly telling a story. Does your story attract people to your door?

Telling your firm’s story

When you consider the image you project to your market, consider the following so as to tell a consistent and meaningful story about your business:

  • Make sure everyone is on board. If your colleagues promote your business online, make sure that everyone knows that they are ambassadors for the company. Any comments they make on social media may hurt or help the brand image.
  • Always consider your branding in customer communication. Formalize your brand internally so everyone knows what your business stands for. Once everyone agrees to the story, institutionalize it so that it is evoked naturally whenever you communicate with clients.
  • Be authentic. Your brand should make sense to anyone who knows much about your business. Be honest about what you don’t do well, but champion your key strengths.
  • Build long-term relationships with your clients. Repeat customers and long-term associates are your bread and butter as they strengthen your ties to a market segment. Associating yourself with movers and shakers gives the impression that your business belongs to brand you are presenting.
  • Work with key clients to amplify your brand. When you have built strong relationships, interact with them online. Their own online relationships can draw in similar clients that will reinforce your existing customer base.
  • Give back. When your business becomes an important part of your community, you begin to build a heritage that speaks for itself the longer that image stays in place. A business with strong roots in the community has an enviable position that can stand the test of time.

Cultivating an online brand can be hard work, but it is worth the time and effort. Taking an active role in the story your website is telling presents a brand that reflects what makes your business so great. Start a free trial of CCH Site Builder today.


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Senior Technology Product Manager

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