The Power of Passion for your Work

This is Part 4 in our Cool Culture Counts series, featuring Wesley Middleton, Managing Partner of MiddletonRaines+Zapata. Don’t miss the introduction to the series: 5 Keys to a Cool Culture

At my previous firm, getting up and going to the office every day became the hardest thing that I did.  I felt that the firm had no purpose and no focus, and that no one really cared about the firm except for the money they made. It was a quiet place, had no energy and no one seemed to have a passion for the future of the firm. I became angry, short tempered and felt the negative energy around the office. I was so frustrated with the culture of the firm that it showed in all of my actions. One afternoon, my partner Stan Raines came to me and shared his frustration. Stan said to me “On January 1, I won’t be at this firm any more. I am not sure where I will be, but I can’t do this any longer.”  The result was that MRZ was founded. We wanted a place that every morning when our team would wake up, their feet would hit the floor with excitement and energy and they would look forward to their day at the office.

Leading with Energy and Enthusiasm

Don’t underestimate the power of passion for your work and energy of the leaders in your firm. That energy motivates, enthuses and affects the attitudes of everyone in the firm.  When the leader displays passion and energy, it is infectious.

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?

There are generally two type of people in the office, those that affect the attitudes of others and those that are affected by others. The person that is affected by those around them are thermometers. You know who those folks are in your organization don’t you?  The opinionated people with no solution. People who know what the temp or status is and refuse to do anything about it. It is too cold in here. The music is too loud. My office is too small. I don’t make enough money. That’s all my bonus is? You get it.  All problems with no solutions and no action.

The good news is that thermometers aren’t the only type in the office. There are also the passionate people who SET the tone, energy and passion level in the office.

These people are the thermostats. I love these people.  If it is too cold, they find a jacket; too hot, they turn down the thermostat. No matter the situation, the thermostat can change it. Solution driven, looking for answers and results oriented. I love this!

In a Nutshell

Passion for your work is so important to every aspect of the firm. It affects how people perform their jobs, it affects how people deal with each other and how the client feels about the firm. All aspects of the firm and the interaction of people are affected by the energy and passion in the firm.

Do you want to learn more about how passion for your work affects you and the importance of passion in the office? Watch “Rallying the Troops: Inspiring Excellence throughout the Firm,” the third webinar in our series, and learn the importance of passion and energy in your office. Watch Now


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