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The success of every firm depends on attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent to drive the firm into the future. We need a team of outstanding people to continue to grow the firm and take care of clients. One of the top issues facing firms of all sizes today is the ability to engage their emerging leaders and provide them with the training needed to become not just another partner at the firm but a true leader.

To make things more difficult, the industry is currently seeing an all time high talent shortage at levels never before seen, according to data collected by Jeff Phillips CEO of Accountingfly. One of the driving factors behind this talent shortage is lack of leadership development. As we know, every firm wants to be able to provide the best training and leadership development to their people. However, we often lack time and resources to launch a program at the caliber firms want and emerging leaders deserve.

Shifting Views of the Millennial Generation

Specifically, I am talking about the shifting views of the millennial generation and their desire for leadership development. They are not looking for just a job. They are looking for rewarding careers. And they want to be leaders in their industries. They want to learn from the successes and failures of entrepreneurs and business leaders. For prior generations leadership training was never a top priority. That’s why firms did not have a need to develop a program. This is a major shift in the needs of the millennial generation. It needs to be addressed to allow firms to grow. As an industry, we cant continue to wait. Here is the real kicker. They do not just want an emerging leader program. They want a phenomenal emerging leader program!

An Emerging Leaders Program for Your Best and Brightest

Luckily for firms across the country, the team at Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting (WK) has an amazing solution for you. They have an emerging leader program where they select twenty of the best and brightest future leaders from across the country and put them through a robust training program to help them become stars at their firms. The good news doesn’t stop there.

This program also includes an all expense paid trip to the CCH User Conference in San Francisco this year, where they will experience an intense 3 day on site training session. The good news keeps coming because the best part of all this is that it is free to your firm. So what are you waiting for to apply?

You might wonder how I know so much about this program and why I am so passionate about it. The answer is simply through first hand experience, as I was fortunate enough to participate in the Wolters Kluwer emerging leader program and it changed my life. Let this program change the lives of your people and help grow your firm!

Check out this video where I will tell you first hand my experience in the program.

What They’ll Learn

Glad you made it back to the article after watching the clip. At this point I’m sure you are pretty excited.

This program will transition your best and brightest people from stars at your firms to true superstars and future partners by teaching them how to address some of the top key skills needed to be a successful partner in today’ environment.

  • Understanding the big picture and being able to shift focus from doing the work to understanding how to build and grow the firm.
  • Improving communication skills to allow them to better interact with firm staff, firm clients, and firm prospects and to have a higher level of success in those interactions.
  • Digging deeper into understanding the power and purpose of having a defined value proposition at your firm to drive your firm’s brand forward.

Not only am I a graduate of the program, but in 2017, I will be leading a session in the emerging leader track talking about the challenges and opportunities for emerging leaders. Even if you aren’t an emerging leader, you won’t want to miss this session and the outstanding knowledge we are going to cover.

So how do you nominate your people for this amazing program? As soon as you finish reading this article, visit the CCH Connections Emerging Leaders page to learn more and submit a nomination!


Garrett Wagner

As a business therapist at Thaney & Associates and CEO of C3 Evolution Group, Garrett Wagner CPA/CITP escorts firm leadership through succession planning, the technology evolution, and millennial talent development. Through his monitoring and use of evolving technologies and industry best practices, he brings “outside of the box” thinking, refined procedures, and awareness of traditional methods, with an eye on the future. Garrett’s succession planning process is a success factor on the road to reaching your lifetime professional goals of growth and profitability. His background leads partners to develop a plan, in a time when firm retirements are at a historic rate. Through his personal experience with technology, Garrett delivers ROI to firms. He will escort you through the identification of unique needs, choices in the digital market today, and best practices to maximize its use within the firm, removing the struggle to keep up while realizing its rewards and benefits. Also, talent needs to be developed from the moment of firm connection. Garrett’s leadership training curriculum focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence skills. He will work with the senior team to groom their understanding of millennial CPAs, keys to motivating these teammates and proven methods to actively engage them within the firm, halting near-term brain drain. Through succession planning, technology and millennial talent development, increases will be realized in work efficiency, work quality, and employee satisfaction, while training tomorrow’s leaders, as today’s leaders move on in their life’s journey.

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  • Garrett Wagner CPA,CITP

    For me the two biggest impacts from being in the emerging leader program are:
    1. Better understanding of the importance of social media in our industry.
    2. Enhanced knowledge and skills in understanding the three main types of value propositions for businesses, I’ve used this to help countless clients I work with be more successful.

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