3 Staffing Challenges and How to Solve Them

Most firms deal with staffing challenges of some sort. Unfortunately, many firms don’t recognize the role technology can play in solving these problems. A recent Accounting Today webinar looked at this issue, exploring the impact on a real firm. During the webinar, Wolters Kluwer Product Line Manager Samantha Grovenstein-Deal spoke with David Primes of Sobul, Primes & Schenkel about how the firm’s technology makes a positive impact on its staff. In Connecting the Dots – Technology, processes, staff retention and client satisfaction, they discussed the effect technology has not just on staff engagement but on client satisfaction as well.

A Three Prong Approach

The webinar covered three major staffing challenges and went into detail about each one. These included:

  • Attracting New Staff. Technology can be a differentiator that can help your firm stand out. Provide the right tools for staff to engage with the client efficiently. By making the work more fulfilling, your firm will create a work environment that people want to be a part of.
  • Retaining Existing Staff. Engage your existing staff by letting them self-assign work. Give them visibility into what happens to a project after their part is done. Instead of trying to turn weaknesses into strengths, mitigate the weaknesses and focus on strengths.
  • Developing Talent. Your best future managers are your current employees. Identifying top performers is the first step to creating a sustainable succession plan. While not everyone will be a great leader, it’s important to have systems in place to help managers succeed.

Learn How to Solve Your Staffing Challenges

Less than half of all firms think they have enough staff to meet their client needs. That’s why it’s critical to use the staff you have as efficiently as possible. To learn more about how to solve these common staffing challenges, watch the webinar, Connecting the Dots – Technology, processes, staff retention and client satisfaction, available on-demand now. Watch the Webinar


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