Website Intervention: What Not To Do With Your Firm Website

Any web marketing platform offers a myriad of options that reward creativity and active engagement. But how do you know when your online toolbox has become a liability rather than an asset? Here are three tips for what not to do with your firm website.

Don’t go overboard. 

You might think the more information you can fit onto your home page, the better. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Pages crammed with links, images, and other accouterments make it hard for site visitors to focus on what they’re trying to find. When this happens, visitor engagement can suffer. Believe it or not, websites stuffed with too much content can detract from, rather than improve user experience.

Don’t be flashy. 

There was a time when internet marketers fell for the newest technology that displayed glitzy, full-page animations and splash images. Now, we live in an era of less-is-more. Adding too many large, hi-resolution images, videos, and plugins to your site degrades site performance and encourages your visitors to look elsewhere for information. Being more discriminating and tasteful in your use of multimedia speeds up your site, impresses your visitors, and is more visually appealing.

Don’t forget to update. 

Don’t get the idea that the “less is more” philosophy means you should be less active in managing your site. Just like a garden, a website needs to be tended by removing broken links and outdated content and technologies. Make a regular appointment to audit your firm website by clicking on links and making sure all your content loads properly and is still relevant to your visitors.

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Senior Technology Product Manager

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