Every Auditor Loves a Good Client

Every auditor loves having a good client.  What does that good client look like? A good client:

  • Is on time and ready for the auditor
  • Has all the documents available and organized
  • Can easily answer all questions for the auditor
  • Makes it easy to juggle several jobs a week during busy season – a benefit all by itself that creates better realization rates and less down time for the auditor.

Yes. Every auditor loves having a good client — and CCH Audit Accelerator can help make every one of your clients a good one!

Take, for example, Withum – named one of the “best accounting firms to work for” by Accounting Today. Withum reports that their auditors easily save 20 hours on each engagement with this solution. How? The solution connects with their clients’ accounting package! That means the auditor has all the data and documents needed at the beginning of the engagement.  An important step toward making every client a good client. Plus,  the firm experiences more effective planning, enhanced client collaboration, less down time and a happier staff! That is a lot of benefits for any firm …. and there’s more.

Meet CCH Audit Accelerator

By definition, CCH Audit Accelerator is the cloud-based data extraction and analytics software for accountants. It automates and streamlines audit preparation enabling firms to provide value-added services to their clients. The “more” you want to know about is this. With it, you can eliminate a lot of wasted time. You will eliminate:

  1. Time spent requesting documentation from clients, and often getting the wrong documents.
  2. Time spent finding all the documents from various places … emails, portals, team members.   This often also leads to asking the client multiple times for the same document – which is both inefficient and embarrassing.
  3. Time spent before knowing that the reports provided by the client are all ‘tied out’ to the financials with no further adjustments.
  4. Time spent creating preliminary financials to see where major variances are year over year.  This big picture approach is a critical step to understanding your client. It is also required for a quality engagement.
  5. Time spent asking the client for the detail behind the balances.
  6. Time spent creating all the workpapers required by the engagement.

By now I bet you are ready to see this solution firsthand. Afterall, seeing is believing. Right? Keep reading to learn various available options.

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Our May 30 blog elaborated on how Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach got better with the addition of TeamMate Analytics. That is the tool that puts data analytics into the hands of every auditor for every audit. Adding CCH Audit Accelerator to the award-winning solutions of Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach increases the value of that approach even more. Those solutions now include CCH ProSystem fx EngagementCCH ProSystem fx Knowledge CoachCCH Accounting Research Manager, TeamMate Analytics and CCH Audit Accelerator.

So, are you interesting in turning all of your audit clients into a good client? Then take time to learn more about CCH Audit Accelerator. Check out the webpage, CCHGroup.com/AuditAccelerator. There you can read more, including a short case study on Withum that is part of the fact sheet, or schedule a live, no obligation demo to see the solution with your own eyes! You can also join a free webinar on July 12 to see the entire Integrated Audit Approach at work. That webinar will show you how Wolters Kluwer is bringing the future of audit to your front door today through the inclusion of solutions like TeamMate Analytics and CCH Audit Accelerator. Don’t miss this July 12 event – 3 Techniques to Add New Efficiencies to Your Audit WorkflowRegister  today.


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