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You won’t find me in the office right now. It’s off season, a.k.a. conference season for me. I’m out and about.  Are you? Have you thought about where you’ll be late summer and fall? Have you thought about the changes you want to make to your firm? All the new technologies to adopt and all the new tax laws that may or may not be coming down the pike?

Have you thought about booking your ticket to San Francisco for CCH User Conference?  I can tell you now, I will be sharing a sneak peek of my new book, during my presentation, “Practical Ideas to Create a Utopian Firm.” It’s very exciting!

Today’s future-ready CPAs are operating at the intersection of user experience, technology, and business. But what does that mean exactly?

In this interactive session, we’ll talk about why innovation and agility are related and how moving to the cloud will transform your firm’s culture, business model, and operations. You’ll walk away with tips and strategies on how to roll with constant change and how you can take your firm to the next level.

You know me, I don’t sit still – always experiencing and learning something new. I just returned from the AICPA Engage event where they combine six conferences into one gigantic extravaganza. It was an incredible time in Las Vegas! Now, full disclosure, I am on the AICPA Engage planning committee so if you think I’m gushing, it is my event. On the ground, informal feedback was going around that it was a great event.

We did something unbelievably cool this year and it included broadcasting my radio show “Let’s Get Radical” live from the exhibit floor! We were sponsored by Wolters Kluwer and 1st Global. My co-host Liz Gold (who owns Rhino Girl Media and handles my marketing) and I had tons of fun interviewing firm owners, product managers, and techie thought leaders all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

AICPA Engage Interview Extravaganza

We had an awesome line-up. These are just a few of the amazing people we interviewed:

I haven’t even mentioned all the financial planning and other marketers and thought leaders we were able to connect with.

Do you know what geopolitics are and why they are important? Tune into Peter Zeihan and find out what we need to know as CPAs. All honesty, this was my mind blowing interview.  Put me out of my comfort zone.

Are you exhausted? I am. We did 33 interviews over two days.  You can catch all of them here.

Mark your calendars and get ready to learn

The best part is that all these cool folks that I mentioned? The majority of them are just regular conference attendees. They were there to learn something or be helpful in the exhibit booth. They are not speakers. So imagine what you can learn when you hang out with all the cool attendees at CCH Connections User Conference this fall!

Mark your calendars for Oct. 22-25 in San Francisco! Register here!

I’m hoping these interviews convince you how cool CCH customers and product managers are and why it’s so important to experience a live event.  Note, I didn’t even mention how CCH wines and dines us while at User Conference. It’s a blast!

I hope to see you there!


Jody Padar, CPA, MST

CEO & Principal, New Vision CPA Group

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