Alaska ~ Multiple Taxes: DOR Discusses Effects of Potential Government Shutdown

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For purposes of taxes and the unclaimed property law it administers, the Alaska Department of Revenue (DOR) has issued a release detailing the effects of a possible government shutdown on July 1, 2017, in the event the Legislature’s special session (see TAXDAY, 2017/05/19, S.1) fails to produce a budget. According to the release, the effects of the shutdown on the Tax Division are as follows:

— “[p]ending system availability” electronic deposits will be accepted, but staff may not be available for processing electronic deposits or handling cash deposits;

— auditing of certain taxes likely would cease;

— new tax licensing and processing for mining, alcohol, tobacco, fisheries, and charitable gaming would not be available; and

— “in the event of a prolonged shutdown,” cigarette stamps and pull tabs would not be issued “and those items could not legally be sold.”

In addition, all unclaimed property services would cease.

In a separate release, Gov. Bill Walker ordered the set up of an incident command structure to prepare for the possibility of an “unprecedented government shutdown.” The governor’s release noted that, unlike preparations for a shutdown in 2015 when the Legislature had passed a partially funded budget, no money has been appropriated for any government services this year.

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Release No. 17-088, Office of Governor Bill Walker, June 8, 2017; Release No. 17-003, Alaska Department of Revenue, June 8, 2017



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