Are User Conferences Really Worth It?

The Answer is Simple…Yes, User Conferences are Worth It!

Registration fees, airfare, time away from clients! Unless the user conference is in Hawaii, why would someone ever make an effort to attend? The numbers are up for debate, but data suggests  over 40 million people annually attend conferences, trade shows or conventions, not including sales kick off meetings and incentive events.  It’s also safe to say all 40 million people didn’t go to Hawaii for surf lessons or Las Vegas for the warm weather, so what’s the big deal?

For most it comes down to the opportunity to network and interact with fellow colleagues.

77% of business leaders say meeting colleague’s in-person creates better business results. Meeting like-minded individuals face-to-face creates discussions. Meeting people that are faced with the same challenges solves problems. The ability to discuss changes in technology, how others are growing their businesses and listening to what challenges everyone faces is extremely beneficial.

There’s only one way to accomplish all this in such a short period of time, and that’s at a user conference.

At Wolters Kluwer, we not only attend dozens of trade shows and conferences each year, we also host a user conference. At CCH Connections: User Conference we go beyond just networking:

  • Lectures, workshops and discussions directly related to your business
  • Learn about emerging issues and ensure your firm is performing accordingly
  • Focus on professional development and sharpening leadership skills
  • Identify the latest tech trends and learn new tips to enhance productivity in your firm
  • Plus, have a little bit of fun

If you find tech-ready user conferences valuable then please join us at this year’s CCH Connections: User Conference 2017. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco at the Marriott® Marquis!


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