How to hire great people in your firm – and keep them

This is Part 3 in our Cool Culture Counts series, featuring Wesley Middleton, Managing Partner of MiddletonRaines+Zapata. The first webinar, Making Your Firm a Great Place to Work, discussed how a firm’s physical environment affects firm culture. Don’t miss the introduction to the series: 5 Keys to a Cool Culture

People.  Great culture demands great people. Not good people, not okay people, not the wrong people. Hire great people. People that share the values, vision and purpose of the organization and have a great attitude and appetite for change and innovation.

I come to the office every day looking forward to the people that I am around. They are extremely positive, energetic, and accountable. And they have great attitudes.  Negative attitudes and fault finders can bring down the morale of an office very quickly.

The people matter. Culture is all about the people and how we behave.

Attracting the Right People

Having a team of great people doesn’t happen by accident. It is a very deliberate strategy that must be employed in order to have success.  Following the guidance of the book “Good to Great,” the people on the bus must be the right people.  First we have to get them on bus and then those great people must be kept or retained.

How do we hire great people and maintain that great culture? Three keys that we follow do just that.

3 Keys to Retaining Top Talent

First, set expectations up front about the culture and the behaviors of the team. Training your team on the culture is key. Defining values and practices that we follow to support the values we have is an important step in having a great culture. Set the expectation that you expect greatness and that you won’t tolerate mediocrity.  Set the right tone to foster and enable a great result.

Second, establishing accountability for the team matters. The goals and expectations must be measurable and have consequences and rewards.  If we aren’t willing to follow up on our expectations, can we really expect them to be met? Statistics prove that goals, expectations and accountability results in higher profits!

Third, set your team up for success. The tools that they use are critical. Leveraging technology to have accountability, flexibility and efficiency helps to insure the success of your team.  How do you encourage innovation and accountability? Do the tools your team uses make them more efficient or add steps to the process?

Taking these three steps will set you on the right path for having a great organization and a great culture.

If you want to learn more about how to hire great people, don’t miss the second webinar of the Cool Culture Counts series, Building a Winning Team


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